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  1. Maji

    Truth; Aquarius, Serpentarius, Astronomolgy.

    Bump message.
  2. Maji

    Maji Welcome Message :)

    Greetings of peace. I've been studying astrology intensely for the past year or so. I am 19 years old and i study 13 signs astrology, the reason i study 13 signs is because i believe it is the next step as we begin the ascent of the Aquarian age. If you would like to learn more about 13 signs...
  3. Maji

    Personals touching Asteroids & Fixed.

    If anyone could share what they know on these bodys or aspects, i would be most appreciative. Pluto and Jupiter conjunct. - (Libra) (ascendant) Ixion - Exact Horus - Exact Giza. -Exact. Sun conjunct. - (Serpentarius) Cruinthe - Exact. Kaali - 1 Degree Christ - 1 Degree Talent - 1 Degree Eros...
  4. Maji


    Sun conjunct Cruinthe Exact first house. (Serpentarius) Kaali, Talent, Eros, Christian and Mercury are also conjunct. Any idea's? :alien:
  5. Maji

    Truth; Aquarius, Serpentarius, Astronomolgy.

    Please read all. Share any insightful knowledge. Using tropical 12 signs separates Western society and eastern society and that is why we do not use it systematically at this point in time. We need to start using 13 signs and realize 12 signs are no longer right for us on Earth, we are not...