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  1. filly

    8th house ruler in 5th house, does it indicate death of a child?

    I'm really sorry about your child and thank you for sharing it! If you don't mind me asking you... was the Sun involved with your son's ruler? Because it's the ruler of your child's turned 8house and your 12house. I wonder the difference between having just the ruler of the 5th house in the...
  2. filly

    the node and reality

    This is so true Radu! I can identify the Saturn conjunct South Node description that you gave in my boyfriend. In his case I believe Saturn relates to his mother as she was the active parent and at the same time he has some feelings of abandonment by his father who didn't show caring much for...
  3. filly

    8th house ruler in 5th house, does it indicate death of a child?

    The 5th house and it's ruler point to our fertility, hability to have children, labour, complications at birth may be pointed out and some general qualities of our children. My 5th house ruler Jupiter is in 8h gemini, the ruler of this house is Venus my chart ruler. Jupiter sextiles Venus...
  4. filly

    Did he get my email/submission (and read it)?

    By the Moon's Square to Venus looks like they are not reading your emails. But eventually I guess it will be sorted out by the Moon's trine to Mercury(communications). You could contact the email customer service for them to sort it out, if it's not fast to solve an alternative email could help...
  5. filly

    Would this idea work?

    Can't you start your business from home? Like start making your creations for friends, their mother's and so on...then if your creation is good in time you'll have a lot of orders in your hands! I know people working like this and manage very well! they are good, consistent with the product and...
  6. filly

    Euro 2016 - Semi Finals

    Hi! We can presume Mercury is Cazimi, it's 20m from the Sun and only 7 seconds by declination.Plus this config is conjunct Star Sirius! As time progress Portugal becomes Leo Ascendant and 10 House Gemini. Though the Casimi happens in the 12H, the Saturn team is far worse. And 10th House Jupiter...
  7. filly

    The pursuer in Synastry.

    I had that eye opener when studying vedic astrology some years back! My partner for example, has Mercury in pisces, I can tell you that nothing in his chart denotes more propensity in getting in the mood for sex than this position. He can pursue sex (mars) if an urgent physical need or a build...
  8. filly

    The pursuer in Synastry.

    Hi everyone! I see here and everywhere pretty much so many people disregarding Mercury has a relationship planet. And sexual speaking is one of the sexiest planets it can be! As humans our minds dictate much regarding our approach to sex,if we are open or have blockages, if we think about sex...
  9. filly

    dilemma is Career ( Investment Banking or Real estate Law)

    With the current world crises I'd say investment banking is more risk taking, though highly necessary for the development of the economy/commerce but no guaranteed outcome nowadays even with the best assessments. Of course my loss is your gain but not always works that way when bankruptcy is a...
  10. filly

    Quitting job, super scared

    And eventually you could become a career adviser yourself!
  11. filly

    Quitting job, super scared

    You may have ability in managing people, Human Resources, Recruitment agencies, Accountancy... This kind of jobs include contact with people, assessment of their ressources, solving of problems in a law/civic based setting etc.. making for non personal involvment and plenty of work behind the...
  12. filly

    What is so wrong with Sun Virgo and Moon Aries? I can see your dilemma! Your identity (Sun) meddling betwin the planets of harmony (Venus) and conflit (Mars). And all it's coming to fore now asking for consciousness and a way to find a balance. Progressed Venus trines Progressed Ascendant...
  13. filly

    Cosmetic Surgery - Will I Be Happy With The Results?

    You might have diff surgeons operating in their specialised field. The 10h in end of sign with Pisces intercepted. As you decided to go ahead at least have a way with the best astrological dates for the procedures even if you have to delay it for your convenience! For example: when transiting...
  14. filly

    Will my husband die in 5 days?

    Never mind.just read the outcome!
  15. filly

    Should I keep my property?

    I think you should review the rental contracts you provide with a lawyer and/or with your realtor so this won't happen again. Then you or the agency have to be more pickish about the prospect tenants and ask for references and such before you take them in. Those oppositions from the moon I...
  16. filly

    Does he love me in secret way?

    I agree with all of you. But it shows an amount of attraction on his behalf: the relationship between sun and Venus is taken highly in consideration by the horary traditionalists and Venus is received by the Sun! The fact that he's combust may mean he is in some kind of fear and is an...
  17. filly

    Is someone from a past life coming back to my life?

    Jupitreascendant that was great!!! Spent some time feeling the chart too and just then I read your interpertation and everything fell in place! With Saturn on the 7th and due to the nature of the question, a reading according to the strictures it's very risky to develop beyond the yes or no...
  18. filly

    Nearly 40, single and childless

    Sorry, Mercury is your partner to be and is ruled by Saturn!