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    Will their mining be successfull?

    This is a question asked by my boyfriend. The situation is this: one of his friends had got some money through mining this one type of virtual money in internet. My boyfriend got really excited about it and bought the equipment to do it. However, once he had bought all the items, he found out...
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    Capricorns and Addictions

    I think it is important to remember that Capricorns have a fish tail in traditional astrology mythology. To me that signifies Capricorns inner vision and need to go and manifest that vision into being and into something that is practical and can be touched and felt and it providing quality to...
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    going through very tough time. birth chart included

    Hi, sorry you are having a hard time. Do not worry, it will get so much better in May and June and there onwards when the formations that are currently n the sky will lessen that are now hitting your natal Mars and Moon. Do not worry, it will get better very soon :)
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    Saturn transiting the 12th house

    Could you please post your chart? Charts are a complex thing and in order to make "judgements" it is important to see the whole picture.
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    Will he return loan to me in full?

    So this question is exactly the same as the question previously, because your intention is the same: "Will he pay me back?". So I am not sure if this question is valid.... People might get a job but that might not mean that they will pay back their loans. Usually people who have loans need to...
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    Will he return loan to me in full?

    Sorry to say but I agree with IleneK. I don't think you should loan money to him. His 2nd house ruler is Mars and Mars could not be in a worse position right now - in Libra detriment, retrograde and in 8th house, dependent on other peoples money. Remember that money problems are never solved...
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    If we have "our" baby will it unite our combined family?

    I think the answer is No. Saturn is in Scorpio which is not the greatest place for it, retrograde and in 3rd house which is a house of effort. So having this baby would be hard and under a lot of effort, maybe more than it is worth. Is squares Moon and Venus and as said earlier, Mercury is badly...
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    any hopes for my depressed/neurotic brother Pluto(AC)/Mars/Sun grand square

    Hello and I am sorry you are all having hard time. I looked at our brothers chart. Is he doing an undergraduate degree? If so, it would be sense, because undergraduate degree is shown by the 5th house (higher from that is 9th) and his 5th house ruler is Mars, which is definitely having some...
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    Did they land in the sea?

    I think there is a lot to this case that we do not know about. Like for example, they just ASSUME the plane is now in the Indian ocean, even though they have no evidence of it and nothing to show and they just bluntly inform the passangers' relatives that "everyone is dead! (even though we do...
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    Saturn in aries 8th house

    Can you post your chart please? It is hard to say about the effects by just "planet in a house". You need to know what house is ruled by Saturn and what other planets aspect that house.
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    Heavily debilitated Saturn behaving WELL?

    You are absolutely correct in the fact that your Saturn is heavily debilitated. However, everyone here has missed the obvious, very easy to spot thing, and that is the saving grace of Jupiter. Your Jupiter is aspecting the houses that are influenced by Saturn - 9th house where Saturn lies, is...
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    Which type of men should I be attracted to?

    Mysterious, deep, emotionally nurturing, preferably rich guys who provide you with stability and a lot of physical comforts, like sex yet it seems like there will be an unpredictable quality to them, which you probably like and dislike at the same time.
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    too many double whammy's. I think I've just found my soulmate.

    In the end, we are all just one. So we are all each others soul mates. Maybe a better spiritual term would be "a long time partner in crime who I will project all of my **** in to" :biggrin:
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    Imagined pain

    Well no one knows how to do it just like that. You need to learn to do it by meditative methods. :) Everyone can relax and will relax if given the right tools and environment...:) You can youtube some guided meditations that might be the easiest to start with, especially if you have overly...
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    Tom Felton's Asc?

    This chart could definitely be right. He would by this chart have 5th house Ruler conjunct MC and Moon. Mars is also the ruler for Asc (traditional ways). So only by this, he fedinitely has some acting in his chart.
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    Any Career Indicators for Cops?

    Mars in 6th house is one. 10th house or 6th house ruler Mars and in either of these houses. Mars in 4th house can also make someone a protector.
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    Imagined pain

    If you have any interest at all, I highly recommend meditation. It really calms the mind and helps people, especially the ones that are too much in their heads. Please consider it.
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    Should I go back to modelling?

    I will agree with this. This is the way I would read it. So I thought that based on the chart, what you should be doing then? In the chart 10th house is ruled by Venus, which is located in the 6th house and interestingly forming a inconjunct to Jupiter. I wonder if you are currently in a job or...
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    Cardinal T Square in SR Chart

    This was so Jupiter was in 11th, Mars in 3rd, Pluto (with Sun & mercury) in 5th and Uranus in 9th. :) But my experience is that the t-squares and the "negative aspects" can sometimes really make us move, change and go beyound ourselves, which is absolutely great. For example I have had years...
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    Does My Chart Show Career Failure?

    You have exalted Jupiter in 6th house (everyday work life) and your MC ruler Mars (I use traditional rulers from Vedic astrology) is in its own house in 8th house part of a grand trine. Mars can be a bit nitpicky and nervous because of the Virgo energy (as we can see in you attitude here on this...