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  1. princess valhalla

    Progressed Chart with 29 degree ascendent

    whoops! Forgot to post chart!
  2. princess valhalla

    Progressed Chart with 29 degree ascendent

    My progressed chart has an ascendant of 29 degrees Gemini (opposite my natal 29 degree Sag sun). Also my progressed venus is in pisces exactly conjunct my progressed midheaven and my progressed sun is conjunct my natal midheaven. Can anyone help me interpret this? I am a newbie to progressions...
  3. princess valhalla

    Sharon Tate

    Not sure if this has been mentioned already but I was looking at her natal 8th house cusp, @ 13.21 degrees Aquarius. It's inconjunct her natal moon (chart ruler) by 1 degree. Not sure I can add anything else to everyone's astute observations.
  4. princess valhalla

    What are his feelings for me?

    Also, what is the significance of the nodes being exactly on the IC/MC? Moon trines Saturn and the ascendant. Moon also trines Mars in the 5th. Venus in Virgo, in Fall, in 2nd. Also under the beams. Not good. Sun also opposes Moon. Thoughts?
  5. princess valhalla

    What are his feelings for me?

    Bump :) If you need more info, let me know. Not sure if chart is valid. any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  6. princess valhalla

    What are his feelings for me?

    Ok here is the chart. I'll check back later today. Got a few things to do. Thanks and promise to check back later today. The chart, in my opinion, describes the situation perfectly. Also a very late ascendant degree so . . . not sure. Does that mean nothing will come to pass or too early to...
  7. princess valhalla

    What are his feelings for me?

    Sorry can't attach chart from my phone. Will do tomorrow.
  8. princess valhalla

    What are his feelings for me?

    I am so confused! Recently, I started speaking with an old friend that I haven't spoken with in years. We have a lot of chemistry and we both are on breaks from our relationships. I'm just not sure if I should pursue anything with him. He wants to but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I would...
  9. princess valhalla

    Puddles Pity Party

    I don't know what to say ptv! :crying: Seriously, I truly care about PV! I feel bad because she said "Hello" to me on another thread and I never responded back. I actually had been thinking of her a lot lately. The reason I never responded back on that thread was not because of her though! I...
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    Singletons in the Natal Chart

    I'll have to agree to disagree with you. Any planet making a close aspect (applying none the less) to the ascendant is very personal. The ascendant is one of the most personal points in the natal chart and the building block of the entire natal chart.
  11. princess valhalla

    Singletons in the Natal Chart

    I generally agree with this except when there is a strong connection of outers with the luminaries OR tightly conjunct the angles. Then it becomes very 'personal' to that chart. For instance, Uranus in my chart is tightly conjunct descendant by 1 degree. It is the only opposition in my chart...
  12. princess valhalla

    Scorpio's and Leo's are the funniest signs.

    Here is an interesting link on the "Scorpio and Sagittarius Connection" in comedians: And the connection of Mercury and Uranus: This is a...
  13. princess valhalla

    Singletons in the Natal Chart

    Well I have a "singleton" in water, Uranus in Scorpio. I have 4 planets in Earth, 3 planets Fire and 2 planets Air. Making it 4-3-2-1. My chart is a bowl chart with all planets in the Western hemisphere. So my chart is very "relationship" focused. Uranus is very powerful in my chart, tightly...
  14. princess valhalla

    mrsa coverup

    Hi Rahu. There is some weird outbreak where I live. I thought of this immediately when I read this post. Here is a link. "A doctor wrote prescriptions which would have...
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    hmmmm..... only if you believe the curse can affect you. The mind is a powerful thing. I personally don't believe anyone can 'curse' me but like I said, if you are susceptible to believing that then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.
  16. princess valhalla

    Quick Question About the Atmakaraka

    I think this is called the "chara atmakaraka." In my case, the sun is the highest degree, 29.24 Sagittarius. Venus is @ 28.53 Capricorn. Some consider Rahu which you are supposed to subtract it from 30 degrees. So mine is @ virgo 1.04 so the degree would be 28.56. So I have three vying for...
  17. princess valhalla

    Solar Return Chart

    Thanks. I will check it out. :lol:
  18. princess valhalla

    Solar Return Chart

    Hi! I'm trying to interpret my solar return chart but I'm not very good at it. :annoyed: I was hoping that someone can help? What are some of the important themes that I can expect this year? I notice a couple of t-squares. Jupiter in Cancer (12th) opposite Pluto in Capricorn (5th) both square...
  19. princess valhalla

    Mindfire Sabian Symbol Website is Back Up

    Just a heads up to anyone who uses Sabian Symbols, in particular, Dane Rudhyar's. The mindfire website is back up and running. :sideways:
  20. princess valhalla

    does the 7th house represent all marriages? Or only the first marriage?

    Actually, the state that I live in, Texas, you can get a divorce if you are 'Common Law' married. "In Texas, you can ask the court to give you the divorce...