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    Stellia First House ?

    Re: being, to Sun What do you mean by overinnovate? I ave something similar in my chart (thought not as strong as in the chart we speak under this thread), that's why i ask. What happens when the planets (intercepted in the 1st house) are squared by other planets? Does it make it is very hard...
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    Square aspects - what difference they make?

    What's the nature of these squares? In my chart the Venus-Mercury conjunction is squared by the Pluto-Saturn conj. Saturn is strong since it is my chart ruler. (Also Juno is in the midpoint of my Venus and Mercury.) Venus and Pluto both in critical degree. So my question is: how...
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    Stellia First House ?

    Oh, that was my post, but deleted it, because i can't help you with your stellium question. I have similar intercepted Auqarius in the first house with 3 planets in it, that's why i was interested how it manifest.
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    7th house in Cancer

    If i know well Desc won't show how you interact with others, Desc will show what kind of people you attracted to. (Well, theoretically, since i am not really attracted to my desc sign.) How you interact depends on your whole chart.
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    Mars house

    I think if the conjunction is less than 5 degree than Mars' inluence your 1st house too. I'd read it both way. It can influence both house.
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    7th house in Cancer

    Saturnian, what is the question? How we view people who has Cancer on the Desc, or how we view Cancer Sun people generally?
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    Which ascendant do I look like?

    I vote for Libra and Capricorn. Both in your chart. Maybe with a bit Leo and Gemini.
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    mercury, venus, mars.... now it is time to conclude which Moon signs is 'the best'

    Haha, yes indeed. Actually i didn't consciously write that line. Oh my! :surprised:
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    Hello new here

    Hi roro, of course you can ask personal questions. Beginner's board is the best if you are a newbie. If you know astrology a bit more, then try Natal Astrology forum. About private information, if you save your chart to your computer, you can edit the picture and erase your personal...
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    Proper Introduction

    Hi! Welcome here! I hope you will have a good time and find people with who you can have good conversation. I am also a Capricorn Sun. It is great that you learn new things and search the alling of your life. I can relate to this, every word of it. Go for it! Find your meaning!
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    Can anyone recommend books on aspects?

    Thank you, dr. Farr!
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    A Note On The Upcoming Eclipse, Delivered By Vuvuzela

    That's intense. I wanted to look your chat, but couldn't find it. I also have my moon in cardinal sign (Libra).
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    A Note On The Upcoming Eclipse, Delivered By Vuvuzela

    Thanks for the link. I am a Capricorn Sun and Asc. Nothing really bad happened, but emotionally i felt very very bad. I rarely feel like that. Oh and goats are very cute! In the zoo too.:biggrin: What you wrote about Capricorn sensitivity is very true for me. Nice blog.
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    Stellium in capricorn in 10th house

    Seems like a heavy one. I can't help, but your chart is expired.
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    A Note On The Upcoming Eclipse, Delivered By Vuvuzela

    Nobody answered this thread, but i think it would worth a study, how this forum reacted to the eclipse. (Me myself too.) Deleted comments, apologies, a very heated discussion on a thread (half hour later deleted by a moderator). I think it is a primary example how these eclipses affect us...
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    Indicators for acting ability in natal chart

    Eviltwin, the pdf file is very interesting. Thank you! I will look into it after finishing this post. And yes, many different kind of energy, makes different kind of actors. I will when have more time, analyse these charts, maybe i will find something. Vocational astrology is one thing i am...
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    Singleton planets and dispositors

    Thank you for your reply. Today i relised that i asked the question in the wrong way. The real question is: How can we put two and two together. Or dispositorship is really not important in this case? I saw charts in astrodatabank where singleton planets were not related. But if they are, how...
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    Singleton planets and dispositors

    This is my rectified chart, i hope. I put a lot of thoughts into this, watching how my chart act from year to year, step by step. Recently i am watching transiting Mars and it seems accurate. Also in March-April-May this year i watched my Mercury every two days. (I am still doing this, but i...
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    Indicators for acting ability in natal chart

    Ok. I try to look into this. In a step by step manner, because i can only do this. (my style is not really refined.) Let's see: Tom Hanks: Gemini Midheaven (good ability to speak, talkative, mental, curious, intellectual, also ambitous) conjunct Venus rx in the 10th house (career, outer...
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    Hope for Acting?

    Thank you for your information. I totally forgot to watch the nature of the houses! I also have pisces in the 2nd! :wink: Also than you for your analysis, i can't wait to try out this in experience. So Uranus don't have anything to do with acting? Or films? Is it mostly Sun, Mercury and...