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    Square aspects - what difference they make?

    What's the nature of these squares? In my chart the Venus-Mercury conjunction is squared by the Pluto-Saturn conj. Saturn is strong since it is my chart ruler. (Also Juno is in the midpoint of my Venus and Mercury.) Venus and Pluto both in critical degree. So my question is: how...
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    Indicators for acting ability in natal chart

    Hi, i realised that members often ask about if their chart can indicate acting ability. Me myself (not interested in acting), but like to study more how is it present in a chart. I searched for actor's natal in astrodatabank. And would like to see an open discussion with ideas: What indicate...
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    Singleton planets and dispositors

    These days i tried to combine things, but i feel that i can't really do this step alone, so please help me. In my chart i have two singleton planets. Sun and Saturn. Saturn is also the dispositor of Sun. And my chart's final dispositor is Jupiter. So who has more strenght? Saturn or Jupiter...
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    Whole Sign Houses interpretation

    What is the difference (in method) between interpreting Whole Sign house charts compared to charts in other house systems? Do we use the same method? What are the particulars we should take extra care about? I hope i ask this question right. I started to get seriously interested in the Whole...
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    Juno squares and solutions

    Juno aspects Hi, i am looking for people with Juno square aspects, and personal experiences! How you overcome the difficulties, or did you have any? It would be good to speak about it. So, if you have the same placement and some experience, please write!
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    Empty Houses - and houses full of planets

    I am reading about Empty Houses. (Mostly on the Bob Marks page, and Googling the other things.) But when i try to interpret what i read in my chart i am not so sure if i do it right. My Empty Houses are 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th. And my "full" houses are the 1st (Sun, Mercury, Venus...
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    Juno and your marriage partner

    Juno I read that Juno indicate what kind of marriage partner you need and get. My Juno is in Aquarius and in the 1st house. It is said that Aquarius needs indepedence and partners are comfortable if they are far from each other. Non traditional marriages, or when they not live together. And...
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    Without the exact birthtime

    Question I don't know my exact birthtime, but i know the period between i was born, and after trying almost all possibilities i mostly got the same natal chart, only the degrees were different.
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    Nice to meet you! :)

    Hi, nice to meet you all. I try to be short. ;) I am VERY new to astrology, but i read a lot about it. In an amateur level. I don't want to be an astrologist, but i think astrology can help me to understand myself better, and others too! I am trying my best to live my life the to the...