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    Personal Astrology

    New post and pics up! please stop by and have a look. View or request a reading... http://
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    Personal Astrology

    New Post ...
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    Personal Astrology Just an invitation to visit!
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    Please visit Personal Astrology for current astro updates!!!
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    Personal Astrology

    A place to learn and understand astrology and natal info
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    Personal Astrology

    This is a facebook page I created show the reading i dine in the past and to share astro news and insights. Please stope by and have a look!
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    Personal Astrology

    Introducing Personal Astrology. Charts and personal readings as well as astro info posted here. Feedback is welcome!
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    Hello Moonshine, the Earth says goodnite

    http://dovetalkingstick.blogspot.comGreetings, novice astrologer getting into the swing of things, offering to research and read natal charts, gained interest when looking for answers about my own life and gained insight from my chart. Looking forward to making new friends. Started a blog where...