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    hi, hello, and good day every one

    Welcome chaotic crab, I hope nothing is actually chaotic in your life :biggrin:
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    Can I do things with a 12th SUN?

    Thank you Retinoid, I really appreciate your help. However may I ask how can you choose between the Placidus and whole house system?
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    Can I do things with a 12th SUN?

    Hello all, First off, thank you for looking at my case. My chart is displayed below. I'm planning to do research in economics, my ambition in life is to help invent a new economic model, almost everybody knows how sick and excessive (or inapplicable for alternative ones) the current models...
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    Jupiter on a fixed star

    Hello everybody, I heard Ptolemee said Regulus is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. I have Jupiter in 29°49 LEO. Regulus lies in 29°59 LEO. My Jupiter in Leo has only good aspects. It is conjunct Venus in 21°34 LEO, conjunct Mercury in 00°53 VIRGO. (Is Mercury here also involved with...
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    Saturn Square Ascendant Experiences?

    Hi starsgalore, I have that aspect too, I have Saturn at the cusp of 4 squarring my Libra Ascendant (with the Moon stuck to it). It's indeed a difficult aspect, tell me about it!
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    When Saturn attacks

    Hello everybody, I have: Rising Moon in 1 afflicted by a square from Saturn at the cusp of 4. Can somebody please explain to me what this concretely means? By the way, since my Moon is stuck to my ASC, can I consider my ASC afflicted by Saturn too?
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    New kid in town

    Haha oui, au Québec ils l'appellent "Buffle" ou "Boeuf". En France c'est Taureau. Ouii, est disponible en 10 langues! Formidable site, Liz Greene est une astrologue très compétente, j'aime beaucoup ses articles! La Colombie Britannique c'est trop beauu!! et loin aussi, il n'y a...
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    can you guess this person's rising sign?

    I'd say Cancer too. His features are more Cancer-like, something particularly lunar on his face.
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    can you guess this person's rising sign?

    We can't even see the picture.
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    New kid in town

    Et Québécois en plus! :) Eh les gens, si vous êtes francophones, jetez un coup d'oeil sur, c'est plein d'interprétations intéressantes tirées de sources multiples! Vous dites Taureau ou Buffle? :biggrin: Nice to have you around, cheers.
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    Be a nice person and answer my simple questions! (Good karma)

    Thank you tweltnight, I'm glad we have exactly the same Sun degree. :) Don't worry I never criticize a particular person because that is intolerable and hurtful, but I feel totally entitled to criticize mass behaviour and social evolutions. Everybody should have the right to do that, it's...
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    Be a nice person and answer my simple questions! (Good karma)

    My friend, If not age, it has to do with time. I chose a few verses from the poet W.H Auden to plead my cause: "All words like Peace and Love All sane affirmative speech, Had been soiled, profaned, debased To a horrid mechanical screech." Such inclinaisons - idiosyncracies? matters of...
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    Any Insights?

    Your Moon seems to be in a very good shape, so don't worry about your popularity. What's more, your Mars in 11 placed in Leo prognosticates strong social relationships perhaps later in the future, because 11 is a collective house. You may become involved in some association or social action...
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    will I find someone?

    In my opinion, Your Venus in 7 will have the opportunity to relate and engage in partnerships, but as it is debilitated by sign (Virgo) and afflicted by Saturn there should be some serious lateness due to distrust, excessive discrimination or interested thoughts. Venus in Virgo traditionally...
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    Be a nice person and answer my simple questions! (Good karma)

    No problem. Yes, Jacques Tati! I watched Jour de fête. He was such a talented Libra!