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  • Hi I saw a kindred spirit I live in Colorado also, I've done Astrology, since 2000, but only as a personal hobby. I am rather reserved when I m so new . No expectation just cause we live in the same state I just reached out where I felt comfortable, familiarizing my face! thanks
    So you guys went and did it...legalized it. I salute you all for your chutzpah. Now, this is going to be interesting...watching to see what Washington says and does. Good luck, our prayers are with you guys.

    Our governor already sent out a message of "don't break out the cheetos quite yet", and reminded us about federal laws. No one really is too worried about it as we have had Medicinal laws now for about 4 years. The only government interference has been in wanton infractions. Honestly, I am surprised the lumber and textile industry didn't fight it... cause hemp will put a dent in their income. What was lost because of the news is we also passed an amendment to the state constitution that corporations can not donate to campaigns... I think that is the Federal 22 amendment that is being challenged (corporations having the rights of a citizen) a handful of more states and it can be ratified!!
    Rather than have to archive another message I'm saving, so as to p.m you. I'll let you take some more time to consider that. I do thank you, regardless.
    Thank you dear! Things are moving fast huh? Or maybe I'm getting old really, LOL, they say time moves faster when you're older, :p Thank you so much for the remembrance. hugs!
    Aww thank you Wintersprite that's so sweet of you!! xx

    I think I have missed your birthday, fellow Capricorn, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to yooou too!! Many warm wishes and good fortune for your SR year! :)
    I guess your birthday passed? Well happy b-day!! It would be great to have a chat with you sometime about life, too!

    Your friend, Ray. :)
    Happy Birthday Wintersprite...

    I got up extra early this morning to bake this cake for you. Hope you likee

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