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    Ways to heal Chiron wounds

    Does Chiron refer to one, specific wound you suffer in your life or does it indicate how you feel and assimilate all emotional wounds? Just wondering...
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    Chiron in the 7th house in Natal Chart

    Hermetic, your book quote nailed it (IMO). I have always had 1 good friend. Just one at a time--never more. And I honestly and sincerely don't want more than that. I'm a difficult person to be close to (or so I've been told), so this one person who is intensely close to me for years at a...
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    Are you afraid of death?

    I'll have to dig out my notes on the meeting and I'll get back to you. It was fascinating in a depressingly morbid way. I learned to swim without assistance when I was just 3. I was born for the water, yet always with a healthy respect for it (which grew into a fear of it). I spent 7 year in...
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    Chiron in the 7th house in Natal Chart

    I have Chiron in the 7th. I'd like to think I'm empathetic, but I don't think I'm overly sensitive to other people's criticism. If anything, it's the opposite.
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    Wrong year of birth?

    I know what you mean, even though it makes no sense. I've seen the same phenomenon. But I'm as lost as anyone in guessing what causes it. I would like to see the charts of all the friends. There may be a common thread there.
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    second marriage and 9th house

    Hm... My first marriage was to a Sagittarius, but it came out of nowhere and lasted a very brief amount of time (if only what happened in Vegas truely stayed in Vegas... :rolleyes: ) For the record, Sagittarius is intercepted in my 2nd house, though I've never really understood the meaning of...
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    Ascendant Question can offer you a free progressed chart that will include your progressed ascendent. Since I was born in the wee degrees of Scorpio, my asc is still in Scorp. Welcome to our ceaseless dark night of the soul; come on in, the water is fine. ;)
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    dreams that seem real

    Years of psychology education says that the man in the dream is you. You're wanting to go a certain direction, but wanting someone else to take the lead. Someone mentioned lucid dreaming... I think lucid dreaming is the most powerful type. It's of the few times when the conscious and...
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    Do you believe in the afterlife?

    Well, there's a question. Why do the souls of some people hang around? I mean, why not move on to either heaven/paradise or the next life (whatever you believe)? Why do some people stay here or at least communicate with us here? Some guys were goofing around with a Ouiji at a fraternity...
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    Favorites/Least favorite signs

    My dad's a Scorpio and I get along with Scorpios. But his moon is Aries and I don't have any close friends who are Aries. We don't mix well, I'm sorry to say.
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    How do you progress your house cusps?

    I'm trying to learn about progressed house cusps. Can anyone tell me how I can go about progressing them? Or better yet, is there a website that will assist me? (I'm too impatient to deal with a lot of math if I can avoid it.) Thanks!
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    North Node in 12th House

    How can I find any midpoints on my nn? That's new to me. Thanks, Wil
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    living in a dream world

    I agree, Floris. And look at all those aspects to the Moon in the 12th house! I know a man with a very strong 12th house and he's always lost in an imaginary world. Sometimes the world in his head is more "real" than the world the rest of live in and it can be frightening. Anyway, he has...
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    New member.. please take a look at my chart

    I don't put much stock in predictions, but I have read in a book by Carol Rushman that if you're a man (I presume?) and you have a lot of aspects to and from your Moon, it indicates a good chance you'll be married some day. Applying aspects from the ruler of the 7th house (Mars) also helps, and...
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    North Node in 12th House

    I also have my nn in the 12th in Libra, conjunct Pluto. I've always felt strongly, restlessly compelled to "do what I'm meant to do" but I've never felt any certain sense of direction in regards to what I'm meant to do. I'm 30 and I've felt adrift in terms of life purpose for almost all of...