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  • waybread, I thank you for your post of the chart for December 2012. . . can you start a thread on it? I would love to join a discussion about possible interpretations for the benefit of all. If I may, I would love to share my ideas with you. I saw some interesting welcoming signs actually. The energies of that bowl seem to all be pointing in one direction. . .perhaps the perfect time for some kind of leader to appear >_< POTENTIALLY A BAD ONE. . . .
    I really, really, really liked your post in the Ophiucus thread w/cloudmaker etc...you are a very concise writer and make some very valid points that would make great threads (and I'm sure you have seeing as you've posted over 2,000times) :p but my point is that I would like to speak with you about constellational astrology with regards to Ophiucus etc...because of your clarity, logic and diverse objectivity. I have been working on an idea now for nearly 2 years and I'm stumped with a few things in order to make this idea co-herent and practical for others interested in astrology. My name is Laura, Starfirefae8, and I'm not online here very much but would definitely make an effort if I knew that you were willing to chat sometime. Okie dokie....I guess that was a whole lot of chatter :p
    A very Happy New Year to you Waybread :)

    People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas!! < I like this Quote! ha
    You said: Earth Sign, maybe your strange quote from Rev. Redwine says it all. Is this a real person?

    No, he isn't real. He's a character in the book The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. :smile: Thanks the thoughtful reply to my thread, by the way. I've been silent because the thread has gone beyond me.
    Really going to miss you asn moderator. Here's hoping you and I can stay closer in touch. In case part of the reason for your stepping down was because of the recent heat on the boards, keep in mind that these people might simply need therapy. This board isn't meant for that. As a friend of mine once put it, those diagnosable individuals who need help the most are least likely to seek it themselves.

    At any rate, stay in touch! Still glad to have you on the boards, and hopefully we can remain good friends on the boards here.
    PA, where are you? What's your life going now?
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