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  • Quick note -- in this thread


    You mentioned transiting saturn on the cusp of the 7th .. I think it is the solar return saturn.

    Note had to remove the beginning of the link because it would not take message...
    Hi waybread! I sent you a message.. not sure if you got it or not... It wasn't in my sent folder..
    you are one of the most generous .... lemme correct ... most generous human being i came across on this site ... no one replied to my thread except you and few learners :) thanks :)
    I'll add...thank you for the all the feedback over the years, the whole community benefits from your company!
    I know it doesn't REally mean much but.... .... you're 1 post away from 4,000 lol :)
    Just a quick note to say thank you for all your wonderful input on this site. It is unmatched, starlady!
    can you read my horoscope i posted my chart there i posted some problems there where one other astrologer told me . thank you
    I m 27 yrs old guy still dont have the job which i want. I m preparing for indian civil services exams ,gave 2 attempts but did not succeed ,2 attempts are left..should i try this field or shd i leave this and try in any other area.actually i m trying for an respectful govt job thats it.but i dont know its getting 22222 late..
    Date of birth-18/04/1984
    place-lucknow india
    time 11:15 am ist
    Hey there, i joined a while ago and you helped by commenting on some of my threads and i want to thank you so much because all your input really helped and your very kind...im leaving the forum but wanted to get a chance to say thanks and i hope you live a wonderful life...take care friend!
    Hey mate! I guess i got a little carried away by your initial few lines.

    Overall i consider that you were right. May be i should learn to calm down a little bit. as you very corectly said " it Does hurts to be me " but I have the strength to fight it out. No offense.

    Thank you
    Does exaltation and fall sign of uranus and pluto is still unknown/undiscovered?
    and the most accurate degree of exaltation of uranus is still undiscovered? because uranus was discover in 1977 and uranus and neptune both hasn't completed its whole solar cycle so astrologist can not research them that how they behave in other sign?
    I have searched it on google but didn't find any useful answer.

    what are ur opinions?
    Hi Waybread:
    I joint this forum on dec2010, and studying astrology since than, I think you remember me that I ask u regarding heart disease etc.

    yesterday, My friend gave me few birth details and I select one birth details randomly.

    I read that chart. please check and tell me, "am I improving my astrological skills or I am still the same beginner??"

    thread is located here http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39508

    I have re-posted my chart. I will appreciate you so much if you are so kind to look at it! Good nigth! ^_^
    I wanted to thank-you for the book recommendations in one of the threads we both participated on. I'm looking, potentially, to create a functional practice of Astrology and psychotherapy, and so can be limited by my objective and practice of such. Thanks again for the recommendations.
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