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  • Hello waybread, how are you? I loved reading your forum posts. Just wanted to say HI for a change. +
    Hi Waybread,
    I am not sure if this is appropriate, but I would like to ask you if you can take a look at my natal chart. I posted my chart couple of days ago, and it keeps getting skipped. I don't know why. But I was looking at your analysis of other people's charts, and I like you explain things. I'm sorry if this was too forward, but I'm just in a bad phase of my life, and few words that explain anything would help.
    To follow up my post of more than a year ago and let others know, I am glad that I had not offended you in any manner.

    Old fogey modern Bob
    Hi Waybread, I hope you dont mind me contacting you here. I have noticed that a post of yours has been removed from a thread I opened on keywords, I could be mistaken but I am as sure as I can be it was from you. It was a nice detailed source of keywords concerning the planets, houses and signs etc. If you removed it for whatever reason I will respect that as I am slowly coming to realize these are personal things that are accumulated over the years. If however the post was moved for some or other reason would it be possible for you to show me where. Once again I thank you for your help and hope you continue to be a source of education for me. I am a slow learner unfortunately but am a steadfast one and once I have decided to follow something through I always finish it.
    Thank you for your help so far
    Kind regards Edwin.
    The name has several meanings: a common name for a plant that is both a medicinal herb and common weed (Plantago major, or plantain) and the lembas bread of the Tolkien trilogy. Food for thought-journeys.
    Thanks waybread. What does your name mean? I would like to change mine but I do not think it is possible on this forum.. I have it as Jupiter6 in other forums I attempting to be a part of. Well thanks for your time.
    Hi I am new to this forum. I am currently looking to start good conversations with good people. Currently, I have a couple of friends, one in particular has a friend who is friends with you. Well I am following my gut instinct with deciding who to request. The thing about you is as I mentioned in the latter as well as every time I saw your avatar it made me think of me because I love Vincent and also used a similar avatar in the past. So here goes.. maybe we will develop a rapport..
    I'm sorry for flying off the handle on the obama thread. I won't lie to you, it's probably gonna happen again.
    You've given me a lot of useful information since I got here, and most recently, an interesting opposing view. Thank you, for helping expand my mind and horizons. Truly, this is the greatest gift an astrologer can give to a newcomer.
    I'll post some more of what Louis said, as a virgo he did a lot of quality research that can stimulate others to think about how horary and houses evolved!
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