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    Depressed My Birthchart Set Me Up For Failure

    It's tough - the whole transition thing. The Military might come later (your own family) although Aries is also sports (maybe you'll have a little quarterback on your hands). Agree with Eric about seeing your Dasha phase.
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    I have a hard time respecting authority

    You are a rule breaker x 1000! Rules: Cap To break: Uranus Pluto: 1000 You'll do very well for yourself. People see you (1st) as a revolutionary. Your coworkers/6th at traditional jobs however, are at odds with you (Venus square). Particularly women. Do you have investigation skills?
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    Depressed My Birthchart Set Me Up For Failure

    There are positive and negative aspects to ANY chart. Just look at quarterback Tom Brady - he has some big challenges - or Paris Hilton who was born with Jupiter retrograde (finding a man) and is a famous heiress. Everyone has a challenge to work out. In your case, you actually have some very...
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    My Job *Start Date*: Will I Be Fired?

    Will I Be Fired? For some reason, I only paid attention to the direction of Mercury before I started my job. Big mistake! There is one boss that likes me, one that doesnt and behind-the-scenes (Neptune) secrets. I am constantly seen as breaking the rules. Since May, this has happened and most...
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    Can anyone tell me about my Venus and Mars placements

    Stay away from the neighbors' wives :) You may like pursuing them (Mars). Doesn't seem as if you will have many financial problems in your life.
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    When will I get a job ?

    Seems as if software engineering is blocked for a while (Uranus in 12th opposing your work house). Your friends (work friends or old work friends: Mercury in 6th or look to 11th house of friends). You'll have to change your approach for a bit in order to get a job but your friends are the key, I...
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    Combust Jupiter

    My Jupiter is in the 4th house/Cap at 29 degrees and I had a good marriage that lasted about 14 years. On the whole, though, I have not been lucky in love and I would say that my long term relationships were very Capricorn themed. Frugal, somewhat cold and not very supportive.
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    When will I get a job ?

    What type of work do you do? Have you worked in video or creative pursuits (Neptune)? You would look to the 10th house lord, which seems stuck but you do have some good aspects with Sun (govt) or Neptune. If you tried to get govt money or a govt job you could be successful.
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    Saturn and Jupiter conjunct DC

    I'm sorry I don't see your chart. From what you describe, you may experience a cold spell in 7th house matters or reconnect with people from your past. People with Saturnian traits may come into your life and stay longer than you'd like.
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    do we have a chance or am I delusional ???

    It's difficult to let go with these kinds of relationships but I have to admit that once you do, it's a big feeling of relief.
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    Could someone please read my chart?

    Your husband will be very good looking (JUP at the Libra degree) or a lawyer. He might have a lot of hair or be bald (both Leo characteristics). He may be foreign with Saturn in the 12th, and aspecting Moon - famous. Agree with Waybread - due to my Uranus aspects I jumped all around in my...
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    Help with T-square

    When you mentioned your energy, I immediately thought to look at Saturn and sure enough, you are experiencing Sade Sati which will completely deplete your energy. It is a very tough time and can make you fearful, paranoid, experience loss and feel fatigue. You will need Saturn remedies to feel...
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    Why did she choose him over me?

    Cosign on her confusion. She's not done yet! Your friend's mind is on money too much for sure. She likes Mars though (things that are red and Aquarius-related) and at the Mercury degree/27.. she may still be talking to other men online.
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    do we have a chance or am I delusional ???

    I think there could be a long-term relationship but in the end it is YOU who will want your independence from him (Uranus). I think he would pose obstacles in some way, shape or firm with regard to your career. So, you may desire a long-term relationship but probably one that doesn't have...