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  • Good to hear! Neptune is good thanks, just had a silent meditation retreat, interesting! Yep I've been a moderator for over a year I think, and no there is no sterling for this, its for the love of astrology and this forum :D
    Hey there! You may be heterosexual for all I know, but you're absolutely, gorgeously handsome. Take that as a compliment, if you would be so kind haha. I'm a Sun Libra, Moon Aries, Sept 24, 1983, 2:48PM in Valley Stream, NY. I've always found Aquarians to get along extremely well with me...never met a bad one so far!! :biggrin:
    Thx for your message again. Btw, those are some nice pics there in your 'My Pictures' album- just had a peek. The Munich stadium is cool-- been there myself. I'd like to visit the DUB mountains some time. :)
    I found it on the internet somewhere, can't remember what I googled, something like 'Moon at night', or 'waxing Moon', under Google images..
    Hey, Wacky. Thanks for your message. Sorry, couldn't respond to your thread as I haven't been around here all that often, or actually hardly.
    Take care. :)
    Hello my friend. Thanks for your comments. I study astrology some years and i founded very interesting. I am trying to learn more things through forum, so you can learn a lot. If you need any help, just tell me.
    Wacky, good interp on the Character-Practice-chart thread. Actually from all of you. Good to meet ya, too, fellow wacky Aquarian, and thanks for scribbling on my profile wall.:D
    Be patient aquarius boy :). Aqua7000 will answer us soon. But it was very interesting chart. Isn't?
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