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  • Nice to meet an Actual moderator :)
    I just want to say that I find this forum really enlightning, you people help soo many people with there questions and confidence.
    You give them hope and boost up there self image.. It's amazing what you guys do :)

    Thank you for creating this opportunity..
    A Senior Member told me in my previous thread that I have an intercepted sign :Cancer-Capricorn and Pisces-Virgo.. I've looked it up and red the links she sended but I still haven't really found a way to break this.. I really want to reach my personal power and get a full control over myself. Can you check where to begin?
    What kind of a suggestion is that. Ignore zarathu, while he might keep insulting someone else and they may not have the courage to stand up against him because you senior members are supporting him. DID YOU READ HIS POSTS? WHY DOES HE GET AWAY WITH THIS?
    is this a site to sell your books? You have ruined my reputation here by calling me a troller and your suggestion is i ignore him. TAKE ACTION AGAINST HIM, MAKE HIS POSTS "PUBLIC".

    He should not get away with this with someone else, who does not have a clue what he is upto.

    The moment i called him out. He has made his profile private. Make is pubic. Let everyone see his true colors.
    I have never seen this happen anywhere. TROLLING IS WHAT HE IS ENGAGING IN. I write my own post and i dont ask people to stop asking questions and read his books instead. That is trolling.
    What are you talking about. Your site openly refuses to do anything about a person who is selling his books openly and telling people not to ask stupid questions and read his book instead. On top of it my replies have mysteriously been deleted from your site. Do you know what you are doing. No one would want to join a site where this happens. Read his posts and take some actions against him or you will lose all your members to him.
    May the Christmas season, fill ur home with joy your heart with love & your life with laughter.Also thank you for the interpretations. :)
    Ha Ha Summer92!!! Gosh, I must have been a good girl today to have such nice compliments coming my way!
    From the moment I saw your picture I wanted to say how amazingly beautiful you look!! :biggrin:
    I mean, I didn't imagine you weren't good looking:whistling:....but I had no idea you would look like this!:w00t: Every time I see you I feel better.
    Congratulations on how you look, it feels as if it truly comes from within!
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