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    not getting along with same age people??

    In what house is your stellium placed, and in what house is the moon placed? 3rd house is for friends from school and siblings etc so more young people so if that has any bad aspects that can show something. But since you have saturn in the stellium also opposing your moon it might be saturn...
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    Abortion - Your Opinion

    By Orthodox Catholics do you mean Orthodox Christians like the ones in Eastern Europe, Greece and the Chrisitans in the middle east or do you mean Catholics like the ones in the rest of the Western world? Abortion is legal in all Eastern European countries except Poland (which is a catholic...
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    Why People Understandably Have Different Opinions - Pictorial Images Welcomed *

    As humans I do not think there is one single thing that we can all agree on. We all have different lives and different surroundings and things in our brain that shape our opinions. If someone says ''water is needed for survival'' there is probably someone in this world that seriously believes...
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    Abortion - Your Opinion

    A famous example is the rapper Future, he has a couple of ''baby mamas'' and a couple of children but he only says two of them are his (if I remember correctly). One of the women is fighting back and wants him to pay child support, she did a dna test and turns out it is his but he says she is...
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    Abortion - Your Opinion

    I think that if a woman does not feel she is ready or does not want children at all should be able to do an abortion. Especially women that had it forced on them (either by r or by the man not using protection (this was more common back in the day when there wasn't any protection women could...
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    Signs on one's cadent houses

    Where did you come up with the conclusion that this is because of fixed signs being in your cadent houses?.. It is pretty basic astrology that there are different aspects between signs and that signs in your group (cardinal, fixed or mutable) most of the time will do harsh aspects to each other...
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    Will I move to my desired location?

    Yes but the question was about moving. But the question was formed very wrong anyway so I removed it :)
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    Will I move to my desired location?

    Well my question was if I will move there to live there not just for travel as I said in my post. And even though jupiter is in aquarius it isn't doing any bad aspects to the sun or the ascendant what is conflicting then?
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    Will I move to my desired location?

    Edit: The question/thought was formed wrong to the actual scenario which makes the answer incorrect. Also I asked two questions at once which I think would conflict the answer as well so-
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    Degrees again: nice-to-knows :)

    Thank you for your reply, I was just mainly wondering what the effect of Jupiter in a cardinal sign in the critical 26th degree means. I couldn't find any information on why the 26th degree would be critical or special for cardinal signs. That's why I wanted to know what the effect of the 26th...
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    Looking for lists of things ruled by each astrological sign

    Hi I need lists of items or places or other things ruled by/linked to each astrological sign or planet (but mostly interested in sign). I found one about professions ruled by each sign which is useful but I need more. Like people, items, feelings, places, colors, darkness, light etc. And not...
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    Degrees again: nice-to-knows :)

    I have Jupiter in cancer at 26 degrees in the 11th house. What would Jupiter being in its exaltation and at 26 degrees do? What are the energies of this degree? Aspects of Jupiter. Sun conjunction Jupiter orb +2°02' Moon square Jupiter orb -1°08' Mercury conjunction Jupiter orb +6°32' Jupiter...
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    Mars in 11th house - unlucky placement?

    Well first it's best if you specified what you see as unlucky with this placement. Are you having problems in things regarding the 11th house? Are you fighting with people or what? First it's best to see what aspects you have to both mars and chiron. Maybe some other planet is causing problems...
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    Saturn and pluto in 12th, many planets in 7th house?

    As I said I think it is pluto and saturn in 12th. I know a lot of people with natal saturn or pluto in 12th and they are very secretive and do things in secret. Neptune in first wouldn't really have that effect in my opinion, it could make one more emotional and maybe easier to manipulate so we...
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    I think it depends on your other placements. Since sagittarius is after scorpio some sags can have scorpio placements, such as mercury or venus. I had a friend in high school that was a sag sun, aqua moon, cap mercury and scorpio venus and mars. I think she either had a cap or scorpio rising...