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  • RIP Kyle................ I will always remember you, and you will have a special place in my heart...
    Oh, always...:S Things have a way of magically working themselves out, however. It's Jupiter's luck.

    Meh...I slept horribly but that's nothing new. I hope your day's going well so far :D
    Sweet dreams! Nice avatar although I hope not indicative of how your life feels right about now... :)
    Ohhh okay, done...I thought userpic and avatar are one and the same. Wrong I was. Anyway, I'm so tired I can't remember my name. Off to bed, can't wait to see what goodies abound here tomorrow (thumbs up)
    Hey Veg, you need an avatar! :D
    Oh wait - I see your profile pic but for some reason it doesn't show in my friends' list.
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