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    Is there a way to confirm my Ascendent?

    I can try rectifying your birth time. You can dm me your birth info along with certain key events in your life like, moving, starting college, starting a serious relationship, etc
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    Nursing and nurturing as a career

    Thanks for confirming. In Vedic, there are a series of Vargas (charts derived from your natal chart). So its important to understand series of events, that way you birth time can slightly be adjusted based on past events and planetary cycles (known as Dasha periods). Then we can look at your...
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    Nursing and nurturing as a career

    Thanks for confirming. In your D4 chart (for moving/property), your 4l is Mars. Mars is strong in the 8h with the 8l (sun). You were running Mars-Sun during the time I mentioned, so I thought perhaps that could have been the time you moved. The time period you mentioned, you were running...
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    Nursing and nurturing as a career

    Did you move between march and July 2017?
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    Meaning of intercepted 12th house?

    Foreign lands, spirituality, secrecy. In the negative, jails/hospitals/asylums.
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    Never had any luck in love. Based o my transit chart, when will I probably find love?

    Hi, please DM me your birth info, if you'd like me to look from Vedic's perspective.
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    Left successful career choice currently jobless! Future course?

    Saturn is not bad, as it forms a Sasha yoga. Also, Saturn in the 7h gives it directional strength. Furthermore Saturn is vargottoma. But for now Saturn remains somewhat 'dormant', as he is not running the Saturn period until July-2030. Saturn period can also give native marriage, since Saturn...
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    Is there anything good about the 12th house or is it a permanent curse?

    12h is the house of isolation. Its Moksha, meaning liberation. Its the original 12h, so a water sign. Isolation can mean many things, losses/hospitals/jails/ashrams/the hidden/foreign lands. However, it's not fair to judge the 12h without seeing the chart in entirety. To give you an example...
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    2020 still alone,depressed,introvert,shy,boredom everyday.

    Hi could you please tell me your birth location? city/state/country. Thanks!
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    Read My Chart - Marriage and/or Children?

    In Vedic, you're a Pisces rising, so Jupiter is your ruling planet. Jupiter is in the 11h creating a favorable period of gains in any major/sub period of Jupiter. Your next Jupiter period is in July 2021, when you start your Sat-Jup period. Jupiter aspects your 3h and 7h from where it is (11h)...
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    Query related to marriage

    I think second half of 2021. I had to slightly change your birth time, to 10:24am. How sure are you 10:20? Navamsha changed at 10:23am and I went with this navamsha instead. You remain in Rahu-Venus here in 2021, which can bring marriage. Venus is also your 7l in D9 (using 10:24am), and is...
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    Left successful career choice currently jobless! Future course?

    Kind of shocked that native has a bad relationship with elder sibling. Mars is yoga karaka, and in the 11h of siblings, with the moon, karaka of nurturing. Mercury rules 11h, and in the 1h with 1l. Creates a dhan yoga. I would have thought gains from elder siblings when the time period runs.
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    Wow! Your chart is very cool. 4 planets in the 1-7 axis. Your Venus and Jupiter are also in parivarthana (they exchange signs) making both planets very strong. What's even more interesting is you are currently running your Venus-Jupiter period. This period ends in a weeks on 8-24-2020. The past...
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    Does my birth chart show potential in acting?

    For career you look at 9/10/11 houses. This is the "career quadrant" as my teacher likes to say. Your 10l is Jupiter, situated in the 9h. Your 9l Mars is situated in the 5h. Both 5h and 9h are houses of education. Plus Jupiter aspects your 5h. I think you will be a teacher of some sort...
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    Why do I regularly attract crazy stalkers and obsessive people?

    Thanks for sharing! Your Rahu is in Libra, I wonder if that does something like that! Your Venus is also very strong, the 10l in the 10h (in Taurus), aspected by Jupiter, the ruler of your 5h. Shows you work in a creative line, or perhaps a company that focuses on creativity. Also education...