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    Toil-Related Question

    I recently acquired a position at a place, and now I'm pretty much having very large second thoughts. My question was: should I quit X job and go elsewhere? I have figured that I could probably make as much as minimum wage (which seems to be what I will make) in a different job that doesn't...
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    How Does Your Natal Chart React to Stress?

    I read books a lot and come online to distract myself with play :). I'm a Gemini with a stellium there, by the way.
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    Pluto transiting Asc and H1

    I only recently began paying attention to my personal appearance at all. And I lost some weight. I'm a bit more shapely rather than pudgy.
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    Mars in Pisces

    Doing a little thread Necromancy here to ask a short but pointed question: must Pisces always have altruistic connotations? It seems to me like Pisces and Aquarius are the two signs of the Zodiac that get aggrandized the most at the expense of a description that would be more all-encompassing...
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    Pluto transiting Asc and H1

    Honey, Pluto transiting my 1st has made me look smoking compared to what I was in high school! :tongue:
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    Jupiter and luck

    I've noticed something like this. It seems like every 8th year of my life something good happens, like freedom from some prison that has developed over the last 7 years before it.
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    I agree. There are many patterns in the system of Astrology that would be interrupted if one instated a thirteenth sign. For instance, each sign has an element and a quality. What would Ophiucius be exactly?
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    11th House Saturn

    Generally speaking, what would Saturn in the 11th house determine for a horary question? It's interesting because the 11th house is considered to be fortunate while Saturn is the Greater Malefic. What to do, ho hum?
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    The best pickup sign?

    Gemini. Unless they are muted by a Moon and/or Saturn placement.
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    Occult Interest

    Hi starlink. Thank you for replying to my thread. I think you've given me some new insight on the situation! And I've also been learning more recently about transits which, when I put 2 + 2 together, might explain some of the circumstances. Let me try to reply to this in an enumerative...
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    Difference in Dignity

    Hi guys. I had a question about horary en generale. I casted one recently and the significator in question was in fall as far as essential dignity goes. However, based on other factors in the chart, I ascertained that had a great deal of accidental dignity that "overrode" so to speak the...
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    Pluto Transits

    You're not the only one! :D I think Pluto transits can make one feel that way often. I'll have my last pluto transit with neptune from approx. January 2011 to January 2014. I've had them going on since around December 2002. I have scorpio sun friend who has been having pluto transits since...
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    Quick Transit Question

    Hey guys. How do I figure out when Pluto was at approximately 24* Sagittarius? And how do I do this process with other planets?
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    Two Transits - One Meaning?

    Male, gay, not in college, not working. Life is somewhat stagnant. Haha. As far as personal background goes, could you be a bit more specific?
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    Pluto Transits

    I think I probably have a lot of experience with Pluto transits. I have a see-saw chart, kinda, and Pluto has been opposing my inner planets and conjuncting my outer planets. I've had one crazy life over the past 5 years. I'm not exactly sure how far this transiting has gone back. If anyone...