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  • As to being one so long absent, as your self, it can only lead to the inevitable question...
    As the aforementioned question is so apparently obvious, or at least I should hope so, that it need not be stated, all that I have left to say is this.
    If you are still among the living, I do so hope that you've found a better part of the world in which to dwell... and if you are not, then I pray that you've found yourself to be in a better dwelling that that of this world.
    Wonder whats in the red bucket.
    I think I'll quit smoking.
    She's made a nice nest.
    Everything's in it's right place, and there's a bit of everything there.
    Every mans dream.
    Nice bottle of mouthwash, toilet paper, 2 buckets, and some kind of coffee.
    (Tsquare is not every man)
    Hi t-square,

    I have been down on my luck recently, and lost my keys to the apartment, do you mind if I squat here for a bit. Thanks I will make myself at home. This can be T-RAY'S place now.

    I have too much time to spare. :tongue:

    Ray, have not seen the new thundercats, but I used to be the proud owner of Castle Thundercat..who remembers the name...?
    It shot infrared lazers out of the eyes till the head broke off of it...
    Thundercats HO!
    I should look for it hmmm...too bad I don't have a little brother anymore...
    About ET's....They only like the little brown haired boys..and I make sure I smell funny too.
    So if it was anybody it was Wilson that abducted me. I'm sure he wanted to study me, virgorifically.
    Steven might of been there too....someone was wearing glasses...maybe just Wilson then, who knows...I bet wilson wears glasses...details..details..haha
    Before I go, (t-square breathes a sigh of relief) Have you seen the Thundercats new movie? Is it out in America? Let me know if it is any good. I used to love watching the cartoon.

    Have you watched the Iron Man, the computer technology on there is amazing. I want one of these in my house. One day, perhaps we could do our Astrology on this sort of technology. This screenshot doesn't do it justice :pinched:.

    You were never really banned, this is my new theory of what happened to you when you disappeared (visual below). Have they worked out what you are yet :alien:. Ever watched Fire in the Sky, probably more scary when I was a child. People get freaked out by that movie. Supposed to be a true movie, perhaps we should get Steven Spielberg or some other hot shot director to make a movie on your alien abduction.

    Hi T,

    I have just gone shopping and filled my fridge again. You left bread crumbs all over my carpet. I will have to get the hoover out, I can't have the place looking a mess when other visitors drop by. :biggrin:

    My cute little desktop hoover:

    Hey T :whistling:.

    Your into music, how many albums do you have 2000, you seem to know a lot of artists. The Music King of Astrology Weekly. I know about ten Mariah Carey songs :biggrin:. I should keep up with music more, been meaning to, but it's getting the time to relax.

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