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  • Your real name is tsmall? O:

    I've never heard a name like that before, so I thought you just made it up.
    Hi tsmall

    I wanted to apologise for not replying ages ago to your request for my chart details,The trouble is as im a bit computer illiterate i have no idea how to transfer my thumbnail chart to your private mail so i gave up,lol.Typical of an old timer like me i guess,So if you have the time to explain,then i will send you my chart thumbnail.
    Thanking you profusely beforehand,Your old friend:The Royal Ptolemies of upper Egypt:)
    And God bless you Ptolomy. I sent you a message. Do not apologize, and unguarded chat is the very best kind. <3
    I sure hope i didnt up set you with my forthright talk about my condition?,Please forgive my unguarded chat if its upsetting,for me my only concern is not to die in pain,I presently get all the painkillers i need so i generally only get pain if i fall behind on my consumption of pills.Im sure yours and others prayers for my health did not get wasted,In my opinion all prayers for others also benefit the sender as they are blessed.,Dont worry about me darling,we all have to do this frightening transition,but i think with the right support its not so bad,I tell you one things for sure deaths bring the best out of your nearest and dearest:)

    God bless you Tamara
    Görkem, I can't see the image. Your best bet would be to post your chart in the forum if you have not done so with your specific question. I am only a student, but the MC is a point and not a planet, which are two different things. Further, before you try to understand the specific interpretation of the degrees of cusps and the MC, which are based on a verified ascendant, you first need to test/rectify the ASC...meaning I would worry more about the condition of the Sun, as the ruler of your MC, in your chart.

    Related to your message in the thread I opened on degrees, I have 29'37 degrees leo at the cusp of my 9th and 10th houses, so my midheaven is in 29 degrees Leo. Could you give me a brief interpretation on what the importance of that degree would be? I'm also attaching my chart, if you'd have the time to take a look. img88.imageshack.us/img88/1303 (I don't know if the image appears, so added the link - just erase the space between image and shack - I am messing with pm rules!)

    Thank you,
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