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    saturn - ketu bhukti suicidal friend

    Hi Your friend should get a pet dog, wear light colored clothes and stay in the sun as much as possible.
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    Notice anything in chart?

    Gajkesari (wealth) yog in 4th house but rahu ruining the results, mars and ketu in 10th shows problem in workplace and with sibling/friends , pain in foot or back, skin problems. blue/black cloths should be avoided.
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    am dreading my saturn mahadasha ...! someone guide please.

    I can see stomach related problem, trouble related to child and also health problems in family. any kind of construction work should be avoided or shani upay should be performed before it.
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    I'm tired of hearing about me and foreign settlements

    Seems you gave up right in the end 😄, venus mahadasha begins soon which will begin the ACTUAL potential for foreign travel, also you will certainly foreign travel between 2025 to 2029 no doubts.
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    am i suposed to get married ?

    Between mid 2019 to 2021 you should get married, wearing red coral stone will be beneficial for this.
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    Rahu mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

    Traveling away from home or potential for shifting. May need to work extra but gain may not be as expected. Intrest in spirituality but also mental disturbance.
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    Gemstone Suggestions

    I personally don't think you need a gemstone, however the gemstone that can be found suitable is opal, since it can help related to work/income and cats eye as it will help with job, Mars and mercury gemstone should be avoided as wearing either of them will cause health problem. Regards
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    Read my chart

    hi jayati i can see pregnancy happening by October as you're under dasha of both lords of 5th and 7th, however 8th saturn retrograde can show possibility of delays and issues related to birth. donating roasted black chana on saturday will be beneficial and also avoid black and blue colors...
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    Questions about future significant other

    Hi cherry You may find your husband in your work place or in a place of challenge, the relationship itself may not be your priority as significator of husband is in 12th house, Saturn restricting love and 7th house is also inactive. Seeing that you’re going under antar dasha of mars the ruler...
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    Divorce Seperation

    Vicki as I said the problem may continue which obviously isn’t a good sign, strongly advice you do the remedies that I suggested. I also suggest doing yoga as that would make Jupiter better and flow of oxygen in brain gives the right mindset and remove seperative tendencies. Good luck
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    Moving residence or getting a new car..

    It goes for the home that you live in, and yes rahu even in positive position can give mental trouble or sudden burst of anger since it is considered a natural malefic. Wearing red coral will be beneficial for you.
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    Moving residence or getting a new car..

    Hi In August 2020 you will shift to a different place, 2021 I can see good chances for buying a car. Avoid using blue/black colors as you’re going through rahu dasha which can cause mental trouble and seperative tendencies, also your home roof should be kept clean or domestic issues will...
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    Yes, you willl certainly go in ips/ias between mid 2019 to 2021
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    When will I get a new job ?

    I’m seeing some potential in field related to Work of selling and installing water filters (could even try for job at jal board) selling artificial jewelry or beauty products acting/expression or sales (work that require convincing)
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    Divorce Seperation

    You are currently going under Jupiter Mahadasha and Venus antardasha and both planets are colliding in the 9th house, causing heated issues in domestic life, also Saturn looking at mars which is sitting with Rahu can indicate more relationship problems and health issue as well. Put Chana dal and...