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  • did u fall off the Earth... spare us some of your 'Thunder'... be it just a 'Rumble'... peace and love and Light
    So what are you majoring in school? Hope it goes well for you! I love, love, love, thunderstorms. But we had some bad ones here... 2 tornados less than 16 km from my house last Sunday, however they were weak, thank goodness, (but still pretty cool ;) No lunar eclipse avail to be seen here :( I forget next time we will see one in eastern usa. I'll check w/mountain astrologer, lol. love their astrology journal, I just subcribed recently. Very cool. Well, gets lots of studying done! We should chat sometime about Tarot too. Trying to learn more about it! <big grins at ya!>
    Hey Simona, How ya doing today? Rainy here in Pennsylvania. I've been reading your intro stuff w/piercethevail. Very cool! Live & let live! Go Spirit! lol Did you get to see Lunar Eclipse in your neck of the woods?
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