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    Question about house rulers in the natal chart

    There will always be more than one ruler of a house, whichever system you us. In whole sign there will be as many as 3: domicile, exaltation and triplicity. In quadrant based systems there can be as many a 5: domicile, exalt, trip, term and face. You want to look at the condition of all of those...
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    12th House is not what we're told it is

    Are there potentials for good with the 12th? Yes... But in general the person has to be advanced to take advantage. For 90% of ppl however its an evil ****ing house.
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    Is my Jupiter doomed?

    Its peregrine and its combust but its also aspected by its ultra powerful dispositer the sun and jupiter is in hayz. So no its not doomed. For luck the pof and its condition is more important than jupiter.
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    Analysis: Sun Quincunx/Inconjunct Mars

    Your Aries sun rules/disposits itself. An exalted planet doesnt have to rely on domicile dispositers for anything...its merely icing on the cake if the other dispositers happen to be strong as well. The sun is better placed in Aries than mars is anyway. Your Aries sun and scorps mars are still...
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    Part of Fortune in the signs and houses?

    Lilly had a section on delineating the pof. He gave point values to it in various signs, some signs had a positive point value and others were negative....imo this is quite silly as the pof isnt any better in one sign or an other, wherever it is posited you want to look at its dispositers, if...
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    The influence of natal Uranus on angles?

    Naturally it means that youre different from others in atleast one notable way... perhaps in many many ways even. Your difference(s) from the collective are quite apparent to others. Dependin on Uranus condition and aspects others can piercieve this as you being distinctive or just plain weird...
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    Part of Fortune

    That is a great site. But be careful on the idea of a venus talisman. The planet is afflicted in your chart so a talisman of venus could actually make you sick or hurt you, or it could be beneficial....its hard to say and differs depending on the person.
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    Does the Rat is the weakest among the animal signs?

    The rat beat all the other animals, so actually theyre the strongest. Thats why theyre number 1.
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    Part of Fortune

    Well Venus isnt doing so hot in your chart, so you can start with planetary charity. Ie donate some money to a Venus ruled thing. Beyond that by its position and lack of an aspecting dispositer I think this indicates that your approach and expectations out of relationships need to be changed...
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    Why I can't have any friends? Why they don't like me?

    Your 11th house ruler (the sun) is inconjunct the 11th house. Thats not good for 11th house matters. You may never be miss popular, maybe youre not supposed to be. Maybe deep down you dont even want to be. Perhaps you even subconsciously sabotaged some of these friendships because a part of you...
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    A few questions on debility cancellation.

    He said the debility is "cancelled" if the debilitated planet is recieved by a dignified ruler. So no, the planet is not still debilitated according to roberts words. Cancelled is a fitting word considering that this is a thread on debility cancellation. Note that he used the word cancelled as...
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    Can Saturn be Peregrine in a Fire Sign?

    I used to feel that it was only useful for prediction and was not an essential dignity of its own. Now im not so sure as I think it must have some value in essential dignity, plus Ive seen talismans made where a planet was only essentially dignified as a participating triplicity ruler. If its...
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    A few questions on debility cancellation.

    From Robert Hand: "When a planet is recieved by a dignified ruler it gains some of that dignity, in an extreme example a planet thats debilitated if its recieved by a dignified ruler, the debility is cancelled and acts as if its dignified" Source: robert hand on reception. Its on youtube. Dont...
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    What is this "peregrine"...? :)

    Ill preface this by saying that i have no peregrine planets in my chart.... I dont drink the peregrine = debility kool aid. It just represents a lack of ability in essential dignity, it doesnt warrant an additional deduction ie lilly who lists it as a -5 debility. A peregrine planet imo is at...
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    Effect of Retrograde planets...?

    The vedics consider it a strength (in most cases). Many western traditionalists basically consider it a weakness. Robert hand says that a retrograde planet behaves weirder, not worse. Just outside the box. I share a similar opinion as Hand, though I would say that the retro planet can be...