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    why am I obsessed with writing and why do I struggle with it?

    Using the Ascendant Ruler's house as the 1st house and counting onward, you have Scorpio/Sagittarius noted 1st as 3rd. The 3rd (writings, communication, utilizing the mind, learning) is the identity of the individual (1st). You are basically an Individual (1st) that writes, self-expresses...
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    My marriage prospects...?

    Hi, With the Gemini 4th house as your 7th house (Using Asc Ruler house as the 1st house), the marriage (7th) will take place in the homeland (4th). Gemini indicates your local neighborhood, where you lived as a child. The partner (7th) will be homely, nurturing, protective of family (4th)...
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    Is He My Future Husband?

    My chart.
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    Is He My Future Husband?

    I believe this man is my soulmate. We just cannot get enough of each other. It makes all of my past relationships seem like a joke. I feel so happy with this man. Everyday is pure bliss. We know God has brought us together. It had to be fate. He lives in another state. He could have easily...
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    Best Aspect In Our Synastry Chart??

    If there is a such thing as soulmates then he is mine. There's no doubt about it. I met him on 8/17 (88). 88 is the number for double happiness and infinite completion, four full circles. We first made contact at 8:51pm. This is reassurance for me that this is something special because I have...
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    Birth chart help, and maybe reading?

    You will have a child. You have malefic planets in the 5th house of children which is why it has been so difficult. You have Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in the 5th house of children/what you love to share with the world. This house is in Libra (according to your Hindi chart), the sign of...
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    why am I obsessed with writing and why do I struggle with it?

    Look at the ruler of the 3rd house which rules over writing/communication. Is it in good aspect to Mercury, the planet of the mind/communication? Saturn rules your 3rd house. It sits in the 11th house and it is trine/harmonious with your Mercury in the 7th. Saturn makes you a careful...
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    Why am I so fearful of the supernatural?

    You have your Sun (core being), Mars (where you apply your energy ), and Moon (internal, emotional nature) in the spiritual 12th house owned by water sign Pisces. Since you have these planets in a fire sign Sag it seems like the water element puts out the fire or the desire to allow the planets...
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    Will I marry to someone a lot older than me?

    Your Sun is in the Western quadrants which means you are likely to marry an older man. To see the temperament of your spouse, look at the planets that aspects the Sun. Your Sun is sextile to Saturn and Uranus which means your husband will be hardworking, disciplined, strict (Saturn) and unusual...
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    Synastry Chart- Anything Jumps Out?

    I'd like to know what you guys think of our Synastry chart. My boyfriend and I crazy about each other. It is like we have every type of love imaginable for each other- romantic love, parent/child love, brother/sister love, best friends love, etc. I want to know if anything in our charts jumps...