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    Mars and Rahu together in navamsa.

    SeekerInVeil, Beneficent kindness and grace to you and all whom yo know. With very simple mathematics, 1 person in every 12 can have Angarak Yoga. With the world population approaching 8 billion, that means that more than 600 million have Angara Yoga. If you really want to know, you have...
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    Putin: White hat or villain?

    Grace be Kindness be You wrote, “According to Edgar Cayce, the "tropical" chart shows the various incarnations that a particular soul is attempting to correct from the "so called past lives" on earth, (not all of them by any means) Bur it is not the "be all that ends all" of a soul of course...
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    D4 Chart / Property

    ChevyD, Blessings to you and those whom you know. First, a belated Happy Birthday :smile: 12:34 PM presents a challenge: 1) with Lahiri and Krishnamurti ayanamsa, the Asc is 29° Gemini. The Asc is also Gemini with Fagan-Allan. 2) with B.V. Raman and Usha-Sashi ayanamsas, the Asc is Cancer...
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    Does my chart correspond with my career goals?

    aniyas, Joy to you and all whom you know. Osamenor noticed the discrepancy in birth times: 4:02 PM vs 6:15 PM. Have you worked with an astrologer to confirm the time of birth? Using whole sign houses, the axis of the lunar nodes shifts from NN 6th/SN12th at 4:02 PM to NN5th/SN11th at 6:15 PM...
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    A book about translation of light

    Joy and kindness to you and all whom you know 1) Donna Cunningham, The Outer Planets and Inner Life 2) Jess Green, The Outer Planets 3) Jeff Green, Uranus: Freedom from the Known With sincere best wishes Steven
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    Nursing and nurturing as a career

    Nikola, Beneficent wellness and well-being to you and all whom you know. You posted your chart with the tropical zodiac. vedicraj may be looking at your chart with the sidereal zodiac. In either case, in modern astrology the 10th house often points to career. Probably because you are...
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    How long does mars stay in a house

    Zeuses, Bless this day Here is your natal from two perspectives, whole sign houses and Placidus. With Manchester’s latitude of 53°30' N, there are significant differences in house cusps. Saturn in the 7th (whole signs) is very different from Saturn in the 6th...
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    Prolonged bad psychology issues.

    Λυπάμαι που αντιμετωπίζετε προκλήσεις. Τι ρωτάς? Ποια είναι η ερώτησή σας?
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    Moon compatibility

    Blessings to you and all whom you know. What do you mean, "Everywhere I look?" Please give a specific example. The Moon is central to Hindu/Vedic astrology, and its position in the lunar mansions is one of the primary ways of assessing relationships. Although there are 12 signs of the zodiac...
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    Where is my life headed????

    Namaste Post time of birth, please. uses Wilhelm ayanamsa which is quite different from Lahiri consider for free reports including varshaphal
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    Astrolog Timezones

    Which version of astrolog are you running? Version 7.0 was released in June, and the time zone module is more easily readable. Send me a personal message, and I shall show you the protocol. Consider the freeware Planetdance. It has more features...
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    Mothers health from sons chart

    I agree with Dinesh Mathur 100%. Asking permission is proper, even asking permission of the mother. Your friend can join this forum just like you did, and then he can ask about his mother, including providing information about her birth time and place
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    How to be a good mother to a Moon square Uranus child?

    Grace and loving-kindness to you and your daughter. To repeat aquarius7000, please post the chart. As for Moon square Uranus, Carl Jung had that aspect. So did Oscar Wilde and Princes Diane of Wales, and Princess Charlene of Monaco, and Princess Charlotte born in 2015. The well-known...
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    How long does mars stay in a house

    Zeuses, Great question because in another post you asked about Placidus and Equal houses. Also a great question because right now the asteroid Pandora (#55) is in a very close oppostion with Saturn. You know, Pandora, like in opening Pandora's box. Where you were born, Placidus houses can get...
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    Which Essential Dignity System is the most accurate in H?

    Beneficent kindness to you and all whom you know. Triplicity is an oft-discussed topic: Use search. You will find many links on astroweekly. For examples, 1) 2)...