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  • I could never personally hunt though I do agree with it, especially if you're hunting for yourself exclusively and not buying meats from the market. It's ok and I understand doing any combination of these things but the tiny activist inside me scoffs at the idea of perpetuating animal cruelty at meat farms, so I think hunting is the best way to go about getting meat!! HAHA that's a little off-topic but I'm kind of an environmentalist and I needed to get it out.

    I love being near the ocean, and I love being outside at night. Especially at winter!! :) I also love to go for walks in the woods. I spend a lot of time inside but I spend lots of time thinking about how pretty outside is... HAHAHA :) Why do you ask??
    Hey! Thanks about the avatar! I had a boring one up until recently and have chosen to use funny ones...I LOVE SpongeBob lol
    I am indeed!! So nice to see someone my age here since my friends IRL certainly are not HAHAHA :)
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