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    Melania Trump’s Intensity and Penetrating Gaze

    So, for me, her total personnality looks like a Lion Ascendant. That makes sense for me because then her Sun ist in the MC what is the position for queens (or kings of course). She bears her hairs with much fierty, she likes jewelry and all in all is very controlled in her behaviour and shows...
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    Will she be ok? Help please covid +

    Could you please show a chart from
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    VERY heavy SR chart. I beg for your opinions!

    Hello Ricca91, if you select "Natal + Solar Return with houses" it will be clearer for me to have a look at the chart. What I am seeing is that the RS 8th falls on your natal ASC and your RS4th on your natal 8th. Only these house positions are showing that you'll experience a great...
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    How does Mercury govern both thinking and speech?

    When thinking is a form of speaking then we call it a "discursive thinking". But if speaking is a form of thinking, that's a no even when sometimes people are sincere.:tongue::wink: So, have a look at the divinity of Mercury. He is a quick traveler with winged feet. Also he has good contacts...
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    Suddenly started taking recreational drugs every weekend.

    Hi, what I see, if we can see something without the comparision of your two charts as the natal and the SR together, then I'd say that the problem this year would be your RS-ASC. You mentioned that your natal ASC ist on 29° and more, so your SR-ASC falls in your 12th house. That means that you...
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    Help! what is his attitude towards me?

    You are Mars and he is Venus conjuncting the Sun in Leo and being together on the same degree. So it seems that he is the very strong lover and elevated in the MC. But he is oppositing the Moon in the 4th, so I suppose he will separate you from your home or be very distant from your home. And...
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    Stand up for yourself and manage anger

    Dear Abby93, You have Mars in Virgo .... that's the problem, I think. Sometimes Virgo can be obsessed by criticisme and even don't feel how she can hurt others by critical remarks. So, if you learn repeatingly how to change your sight in regarding others more with love and friendship instead...
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    Lost notebook!

    just without a serious analysis I'd say that you'll have a chance to recover it. You, ASC, are Saturn in succedent house, your notebook represented by Mars is angular in the 7th - perhaps it is in your partner's or associated people hand? Mars in square to your PoF shows some difficulties, but...
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    Stolen Cat - Where is He?

    How good news! :surprised::love: Thank you for the feedback - I am so happy for you!:smile:
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    Does she likes me?

    Perhaps your real question is about if you are manipulated. Because considering only if someone likes you to act like she wants isn't a good way for a relationship. It's better to know if YOU like her and then you know what you have to do.
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    Stellium in the 8th in SR

    Without your natal chart it will be very difficult, even impossible to say what will occur this year to you. Do a comparision chart with your SR on the outer circle and then perhaps some people here will have a look. And don't forget the POF which shows the event for the year. Generally the 8th...
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    Stolen Cat - Where is He?

    I am very sorry to hear about this awfull story from the poor cat! Please, could you calculate the Lord of the hour? It seems that he could be near cisterns or containers and on the ground. Or he is in marshy grounds where ditches and water is and where rushes grow, and also in a place full of...
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    Martin Schulman's book on the Moon's Nodes-anybody?

    Opal, I am not asking, just giving my comments. Yes, I have the book, bought it several years ago. And you are right, positive and negative are always together.
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    what is his feelings towarsd her?

    You, represented by Saturn, you are in your own house and very strong. He, the Moon has good harmonic aspects to Mars, what I take for his work and actions at work, and to Venus (the third person?) conjuncting Uranus in the house for communications, commercial relations and in the sign for...
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    Martin Schulman's book on the Moon's Nodes-anybody?

    Frisiangal, you are welcome! Especially your remarkds about this: " the Moon's node position is where Moon's orbit makes 'contact' and meets with the Sun's ecliptical path, yet not (necessarily) with the Sun itself" I am just in that kind of "wedding" between the Moon and the Sun - but I...