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  • Congratulations on your year! Just adding more of my posts to your profile since I know how much you love my avatar...

    Here's to another year of maintaining interest in the forum. (clinking glasses sound)
    Ah. I forgot that you're so profoundly purposeful. I find you a lot less annoying than that avatar though.
    Whaddya think??? You like it??? It's called a troll face, and it's the emblem of internet trolls everywhere!
    Sounds like fun! Except I don't think you'd want any of the images I've already downloaded. I have loads of cool dragons if you like, but they're not funny enough. In the google search I therefore undertook for you, I came across some image you could use to distastefully honor your tropical ascendant sign, and I really thought I shouldn't indulge, yet here I am sharing it with you. Pretty please don't use it though.
    Fine, I guess. Also, any chance you could send me any suggestions for a new avatar? My whole "commemorate each birthday with a change" idea is getting a little stale at this point, but I can't think of anything else to pick right now.
    haha he was cool but I like to switch it up. Besides she's an "abundant singer" according to the link location I downloaded her from. I want to be an abundant singer. :)
    Not intentionally! But I did have mixed feelings about posting post #200... then I saw it was post #200. Thanks for asking Jesse :)
    Believe it or not, i actually try to spend a lot of time on the sections that involve actual astrology, but I've been incredibly distracted ever since I scrolled down and saw the humor section. I want to leave it, but I just can't seem to do it.
    Actually, come to think of it, I haven't done public chart interpretations in a while. I can't say exactly where I'll be.
    aww you're too sweet, not sure I ever really cared (where I posted) but looking back I see a lot of Read My Chart and Natal Astrology, saving fellows from the onslaught of insecurity I know all too well :)
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