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    Myers briggs + zodiac sign poll

    IFNJ This is another pseudoscience. Move on.
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    The Tao of Astrology

    Humans are very talented when it comes to patterns. If we were cavemen and we were going back to our caves and something was moved, that meant a possible bear came in. To put a simple example. That same person you heard might say Aquarius fits him as well. He just didn't read the signs he wasn't...
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    Know Thyself

    Doubting is the first sign of intelligence. Don't you worry
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    Is it gonna happen?

    Thanks for your time, Tikana. Could you explain it a bit? I want to learn some, and the information from google is so vague XD.
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    Is it gonna happen?

    Career/job related with writing. That Moon seems promising, but the Uranus not that much. Anyway, I have not much idea of horary; any help will be much appreciated:P
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    I want my future kid with a good birth chart

    And what's your IQ like, you say?
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    I want my future kid with a good birth chart

    You know what. I met person who is into writing just because the chart ''supports'' it and that's how a delusion begins. Your beloved science doing harm and no good. Don't get your children into this. You are gonna ruin their lifes And for the psychopath creator of this thread: don't ever...
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    i wonder

    I feel you. My father is exactly the same age, Katy. I meant nothing bad ^^
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    i wonder

    Forensic astrology. You really made me laugh hard there. Looks like you have had a great life, Katy. But why so nostalgic? Does it have to do with any part of your chart? You remind me of myself with the Mercury in Cancer.
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    I want my future kid with a good birth chart

    Re: I want my future kid to be married with a good birth chart This is beyond psychopathy. Really made me cringe.
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    Need help in interpreting my chart...

    That's actually giving you the read itself, which is kind of useless. He knows his life already, so why would he want to read it? It's a read my chart thing. It's more than fair what he has done. ''Are there any things I could take note of? Chart patterns, that 3rd house and the 12th...
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    will UK leave EU

    ''Side-taking is usually motivated by what people have been culturally indoctrinated to believe'' Glad to listen that. Also glad to notice you don't have a passionate opinion about my question. Passion is a great thing, but when it's merged with thoughts, it leads to obtuseness
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    Cancer Moon

    How would that Moon be fed in that conjunction with Uranus in the 6th house instead? Work?
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    will UK leave EU

    What do you think of italians and spaniards if I may ask, Tessie?
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    Mercury in Virgo vs Mercury in Scorpio: who is more "intelligent"?

    I have my sister with Mercury in Scorpio, apart from many people I know with it, and she always gets irritated when I'm mean. She also is an air sign like me, and like she does, I have a Mercury in a water sign (Cancer), so it's a tennis game where one gets more irritated than the other. Kind of...