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  • Hey there! Im good... But have an exam on thursday in neurology:/ And how are you? And hows it going at uni?
    Yes. So may I ask why you want to know my name? Kind of out of the blue ?? Sorry for being blunt. I'll give you a clue: think Victoria's Secret :lol:
    Hi. Now Im back home:) Thanx! He is Gemini Sun and Mercury, Pisces Moon and Taurus AC. So I think it fits my Gemini AC and Libra Sun well:D Or it seems like it right now at least. I have been studying a little to, have an exam in the automne that I did not yet do. So reading slowly at the moment:) So hows ur studying going? Hugs
    Hey! I am ok, thanks a lot. Just a little bit busy. How are you? How is everything? Take good care of yourself, and keep singing! :)
    Im just watching a movie before bedtime:D "What dreams may come". Quite cosy:) Yeah, I should also study more. Maybe tomorrow? haha
    Auch. I also had bad migraine like headaches earlier this week:p Now Im just tidying my room, and then I need to clean the kitchen so I can do something useful with myself:) Im usually lazy normally...Neptunian kind of type:/ So what other plans do you have for today?
    Good morning to you too:) Just been to school this morning. We could leave earlier, yay! So I was thinking about taking a nap soon and then study later... MUCH LATER:D What about you? Plans for today?
    Hey Vanessa, yes I do have Facebook, I've got my page and an astrology page :D What is your name and I can send you a friend request?
    Thanks, Vanessa :) Well, what do you really love doing? I think if you follow your heart, that is where life will give you blessings and open doors for you. Even you have just a vague idea, follow that. At least, that's what I have done even though I follow an unconventional path. Pisces/Jupiter and Neptune rules your MC, (education/teaching/travel/spirituality/arts) so that would have something to do with your career. Jupiter is in the 8th house, transformation, psychology, depth work rooting out the hidden complexes, and in Aquaruis, your work could be unconventional or involve sciences or very forward thinking views and ideas. Neptune also rules your MC, in the 6th house, you could be of service to others as you mentioned in your thread. Nep is sextile Pluto, so again this involved depth work of some sort, transforming/empowering people through your work. :D

    My work is ok thanks, been putting my name out there more now, for yoga teaching, just seeing what will happen now! :O
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