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    Hi, I was just looking up info on Saturn in the 7th house and saw a post by you. I also have saturn in sagittarius in the seventh house, sss! Just wanted to connect with you and ask how you're doing, and if you learned anymore information about sss. I was just reading Saturn: A new look at an old devil, by Liz Green. The information about saturn in the seventh was so depressing to me. Hope to hear from you sometime.

    Star, I see a LOT of answers to your depression question, and I could probably give you a lot of astrological information regarding this.
    HOwever, I think you need to take this one aspect...this one transit, very serious...Pluto conjunct Neptune SQUARE your Mercury. There are a lot of "ingredients" in your chart that could make for depression, both genetic and experiential, but if Pluto wasn't square your Merc I don't think you would feel as terrible and as deeply depressed as you do.
    You are attempting to find "intellectual reasons" and the square is really an aspect of internal conflict.
    By the way, depression is NOT a character flaw.
    If you want me to give you more of my "take" on this subject, let me know.
    I can send a message this way or on a post on the board.
    Or just study this one transit...it's a big and long lasting one and I think that you need to just study it, and realize that you can get through it, and then other aspects will even out your emotions in the future.
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