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    Birth Chart Reading

    Will rest of 2022 bring me something positive in some life area ?
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    Will seminars coaching for social skills help me?

    I've still doing these seminars,they are helpfull in theory but i have difficulty to make it in reality as i lack the experience.
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    I got fat and cant lose it,whats wrong?

    I've lost 6.5kg so far,but i've stuck at 90kg,i have to lose up 10kg more,my body mass index is 29 and i must go to 25 to be healthy.
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    Career future?

    What dasa is?
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    Will i overcome my personality disorder that affects negative my life?

    Symptoms have been reduced so far,anxiety is less but still exist though,i have to work hard in social comfort.
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    Who will win F1 2021?

    Charles Leclerc seems to be unlucky with the reliabillity of the car and strategic options of his team,while Max Verstappen taking points advantage without being more faster.
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    Exams success prospects Aug 2022

    I wrote the exams for language degree,despite i'm not so sure,i have positive feeling will pass with success,04/08/2022 and time of exams 11.00pm.Results will be know till 25/08/2022.
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    How my chart goes with malefics,should i worry for that?

    Do i need to worry about malefics in my chart?
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    Studies,degrees success or not.

    Hello,yesterday i gave my first of my exams,for language degree,i have mixed feelings cause i didn't had the time lately to prepare properly,but my feeling is for positive result,i will pass it suppose,will know after 20 days from now the results. The second degree,with title Pc Technician,is...
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    Unemployment issues 2022

    Open a thread in read my chart section,upload your natal chart and ask some help from members to clear what is going on in your career and things struggle so long.
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    Unemployment issues 2022

    I secured the job,we agreed,contract signed friday 28/07/2022 around 11:00 pm and it's till 31/12/2022 with prospect to renew or even be indefinite contract. From one hand,i have a job finally,from the other hand i have to be patient cause i dislike this job really and searching for something...
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    Unemployment issues 2022

    Another interview today,with my ex company,for a position as screener guard,ccvt cameras in room and that kind of stuff,the boss appreciated my knowledge with technology and as pc technican. He told me to wait call next week from monday,i communicated firstly with my ex boss in same company so...
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    Borderline Personality Disorder

    Hello...AVPD diagnosed over here,good luck with therapy.(y)
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    Who will win F1 2021?

    Bump! Bump!, Only fensi88 posted prediction.:confused: