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  • I Solastro,

    Nice to hear from you..
    Sorry to come back to you very late, hadn't login here for past few days.. Used to come to my computer, check mails and leave..

    I'm then very junior to you, as i have been reading astrology from past 3 or 4 years or so. I'm more good at horary astrology, may be because i'm too impatient to know the answers. lol And one reason that people post horary questions more..
    I dont know about these meditation courses etc, NR just told me about this meditation course, is going to take.

    What else? which brach of astrology do you like more?? I'm still weak on predictive astrology which i will learn gradually. Had been getting very less time from my studies to pay to astrology. But i'm keen on learning it.

    I love learning it and i love to listen to different people.. :)
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