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    am i attracting chaos situations/changes?

    hi guys! ive realized that i have experienced a lot of situations in life when - the country's system - the uni programme --the company underwent changes. to start with, i was born at a time when the soviet union collapsed and my country underwent political AND societal changes. when i went...
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    vocation issue from natal chart

    thank you for advice! interpreting communication and documents - sounds fun, I tend to analyze a lot what other people say. I did already an internship in the news agency however I was an editor, not a reporter (I did consider journalism before I chose international relations). Editing was...
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    vocation issue from natal chart

    Dear Marinka! thank you ! here it is: natal chart transits...
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    vocation issue from natal chart

    Dear skyreaders:) i hope somebody can guide me I have Uranus in the 10th house in Sagitarius. I got a degree in international relations however I didnt find a job in that sphere. Im working as a secretary-(temporary position) and thinking of getting another profession that would be more...