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    Girl in panic..

    Holy chicken nugget! I am so envious of your synastry chart! I'm a firm believer of angles conjunction and you have such beautiful AC/MC, IC/DC connection. And you also have the double whammy Venus/Mars conjunction. Great house placements too - 8th House, 7th House, 4th House, 5th House, all...
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    Do you attract your Juno sign?

    I don't know about the real purpose of Juno, but in this thread I wanted to know the people you attract (the guys that like you), not who you are attracted to (who you like). But it seems quite a lot of people are having the same experience as me... but love comes in all planets and signs...
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    Criminality and the zodiac

    I dont know why but I feel like water signs are the most dangerous... Water runs deep. They are dreamy, but can focus if they want to. Emotions run high and with enough power, water is deadly like the tsunami. Fire is just aggressive but it's not deep. It burns quickly and then all is...
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    Need advice on synastry please

    I haven't really looked but one thing that really jumps out is your awesome close vertexes with the first guy. because of that, I'd say go for him LOL Good luck!
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    Like me?

    Uhm my interpretation is unique and a bit out of whack but it always works for my own questions... so please take it with a bucket of salt. You are Taurus so you're Venus He is Scorpio so he is Mars You are in the 10th House of career and you also rule the 6th. So you're mostly thinking of...
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    Synastry: not many aspects between planets

    Moon/Venus is my favourite synastry aspect of all time!! If you have it in your chart with the significant other, count yourself lucky!
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    Who is my Soul Mate and when will I met him?

    I will take a shot at it... but please be aware my interpretation is not in line with regular horarists lol. It's my own style, so take it with plenty of salt! You are Mercury in the 4th House, also ruling the 10th House. Are you happy with your career, or thinking or work advancement? Your...
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    Aspects vs House Placements

    I'm curious too. I'm still figuring it out. In my personal experience, it's been a bit confusing! Some guys with great house placements (5th, 7th and 8th) ghosted me, while some hum-drum ones (4th, 10th) remains! Also, I believe for a man to be attracted, his Moon and Venus must be touched in a...
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    What color are your eyes?

    Pitch black like my Scorpio Moon :alien:
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    Do you attract your Juno sign?

    Do you find that people attracted to you has the same sign to your own Juno? I noticed that most of the guys I attract are 85% Sagittarius! It has become a joke that whenever I meet a new guy, I would say "Let me guess, you must be a Sag"... and then BOOM, indeed he is!! So far, in the span of...
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    What does the vertex and antivertex indicate in synastry?

    What do you mean the vertex never conjunct the ascendant? I have it in a synastry with someone...
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    What does the vertex and antivertex indicate in synastry?

    What about Vertex conjunct the Ascendant, instead of the Descendant?
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    What does the vertex and antivertex indicate in synastry?

    What about in Synastry if someone's Vertex conjunct your Ascendant/Descendant? I know Vertex conjunct Vertex is a powerful indicator of some karmic link, but the angles or planets?
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    Moon in Scorpio

    I am Scorpio Moon. Vengeful and calculating.. haha... but on the good side, loyal and passionate. Hey it's Scorpio... just add that to Emotions as the Moon... :whistling:
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    relationship ???

    You are Saturn and your future love is Moon...