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  • Of c-horse you can use any one as your avatar!
    You could set your Profile picture as well.
    I've just seen your pics, you have a lovely smile.
    Hi Steph

    You said you like dapple grey horses.

    This one's a beauty. It is also a dappled breed but much darker, so harder to see the spots.

    And look at this, really cute!
    wait. you live in lynnwood? no we have not talked about this. who are u?! haha not to get internet stalker on you, but isnt it cool to know someone nearby who likes astrology as much? i'm moving down to olympia in a month for school. i have three questions for you. who are u? how old are you (the usual astrology info is good here)? and why lynnwood (not condescending, just wondering what brought u here)?

    ps im Nick Hanratty
    feb 7, 1988 cortland, NY 10:05pm
    and im here because its beautiful, and my mom found a job out here when i was a kid.
    hi steph, i'm glad you are not angry with me, i would never even think to laugh at you, i only thought to share a laugh with you about how confusing it can be sometimes... keep up the good work!! ;-)
    cheers, vinyasa
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