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    Imbalance in traits

    Pisceanfool, let me tell you, you're so not alone in things, whether it's the dissatisfaction with school, life, yourself, or just the way things are/go. And sorry for using that line, because how many times have we heard the whole "you're not alone" shpeal? It's true though. I had exactly the...
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    Chart Buddy Matching Service

    Howl, I would absolutely love to attempt to read your chart! I am pretty much a beginner myself..I do have a few books but haven't really done anything withe the small amount of knowledge I've acquired (besides look at my own chart and endlessly try to figure out my life). I can't promise I'll...
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    So about my sign and my "career" "choice&quot

    I just have to reply to you Ariaste! The synchronicities jumped out at me. My grandparents live in Mesa for 6 months of the year, and I have been there 3 or so times before. There are some great places to hike there. It's such a fun place (and I laugh that there is a Walgreens on every, and...
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    So... have you ever met or known someone who has...

    I believe I've posted this on another thread, but my best friend and I were born 2 hours and 39 minutes apart (June 26/89, her at 9:08 PM, me at 11:47 PM). I've heard some stories where people born on or around the same day do not get along well at all, and I was kind of surprised at this, but...
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    Requesting Permission to Post Natal Charts on a New Thread

    Here's mine! June 26th, 1989 11:47 PM Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Kite, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I am a fellow cat-lover myself, having three cats at the moment, four total in my lifetime, and volunteering regularly at a cat shelter. Things like this should not happen, but as they say, "everything happens for a reason", and you seem to have found it...
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    Wierd moments

    Oh my goodness, have I ever! This takes me back 6 and a half years to the first day of fifth grade, and I was stuck sitting beside the 'new girl'. I tried to be kind, but it did not fare well, as we were both fairly shy. Basically, I offered her a twinkie, and she declined, and our friendship...
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    The Picture Board!

    Hehe AM, I was laughing right along with you.....maybe it's just our age - perhaps we still have some of that "youngin' immaturity"? We shall see if anyone else finds "Jupiter sex" amusing. And that whole long/slender hands/fingers thing is quite simple for me, as I have Mercury in Gemini in...
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    Karmic Relationship?

    Yes Tim, you are quite right. I can't say anything else, except that you are very right! Blumen........bang on. This also explains some of my friends.... Very good idea. I'm somewhat new to relationship charts, so I will take this into consideration in the future. So I understand why...
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    Total Eclipse in Aries on March 29

    Well, this is all happening just barely in my 1st house, less than a degree away from the cusp of my 2nd. Conjuncting my natal Pallas, trining my natal Mars in Leo in the 6th, squaring my Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/Vesta stellium in the 11th, and ugh, squaring my Sun and Chiron (almost to the exact...
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    Karmic Relationship?

    I have a HUGE favour to ask, and if anyone can help me, it would seriously help, you have no idea how much! If anyone could look at a synastry/composite chart, or our charts separately, it would be amazingly helpful. Maybe I should give some more information on us before I get too far...... So...
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    Sorry for the late post.......shall I blame it on Mercury Retrograde? :| My computer has been acting up, getting viruses, freezing, among other things. Those were some amazing insights Lapis, from a few posts back. It never even crossed my mind to look to the polarities concerning Chiron...
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    Astro Attraction

    VENUS - it's at 5°35' Cancer to be exact :D
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    Astro Attraction

    Well, it really depends, but there is this one guy who's sun is conjunct my ASC (25 and 26 degrees Aquarius, respectively), except he's dating my best friend. But I've read that the conjunction of the sun and ASC in synastry can mean reinforcement of self-esteem and self-expression, and is...
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    Indicators of astrological interest

    Menken - Wisdom, astronomy, divination, medicine, botany and music 12° Scorpio 18 This is in the same area of astrology, I suppose, with astronomy and divination. Oh, and this is conjunct my Pluto in the 8th house at 12° Scorpio 33. Hey! I just found one exactly conjunct my south node, to...