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    Safe times to spay/neuter

    I have a litter of puppies and a mother and want to neuter those I am not planning on breeding asap. My concern is the south node/venus in Taurus is sandwiched by his natal sun and jupiter in the 12th house at the time/place of the surgery; the transiting sun will be squaring the natal moon and...
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    1/12/11-Worrisome transits for our nation?

    I posted on another boards thread but this is kind of urgent so I'm making a pain of myself. Basically there's some gnarly transits happening between today and President Obama's natal and progressed charts that have me concerned about his trip to Tucson this afternoon. Specifically the grand...
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    Shana here

    I am Sagittarius sun VII conjunction neptune VI across cusp, mercury in VII Moon IX conjunct MC in Aquarius Jupiter and Chiron XI in Aries south node XII in taurus Gemini rising, mars I Saturn and pof III in Leo Pluto V in Libra oddly enough my most tenanted house is VI, venus/uranus/n...
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    Worried about today's transits

    specifically the grand square happening shortly after his arrival made up of: the transiting ascendant the jupiter/uranus conjunction fortuna south node south node/asc conjunction the current north node/pluto conjunction sextiling the natal north node the loose transiting sun/...
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    Worried about today's transits

    Has anyone else looked at the transits/progressions/natal comparison for Barack Obama today at 3:50pm in Tucson. I'm not one who believes in living in a fear based reality but I find it worrisome. Will someone with more horary experience than I (which really isn't saying much) please help...