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    Venus and 2

    Does Venus represent number 2
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    Chaldean Numerology

    Is there thing called soul number in Chaldean numerology and first letter number is there one?
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    Metatron and Gemini

    Does Metatron represent Mercury which is connected with Gemini and Virgo all yes?
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    Metatron and Odin

    Does Metatron have any connection to Odin?
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    Metatron and eye

    Does Metatron cube any role with all seeing eye?
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    Russian singer name

    Does famous Russian singer Igor Nikolaev first name Letter start with this Russian letter И́ or This one И?
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    Astrological Ruler of France?

    YAHAWAH BAHASHAM YAHAWASHI BARAK/bless for all answers thawada/thx
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    Astrological Ruler of France?

    What astrology planet rules France and French people if their is such thing possible?
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    Saturn and kidnappings

    Astrology Does Saturn have something to do with kidnapping?
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    Pluto and dark green

    Does Pluto represent dark green or green or all green colors?
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    9 and green

    Does 9 represent green or and dark green?
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    Babylon and sum of it - Numerology

    thx for replay , but what is the sum of Babylon in Babylon language in order of Babylon alphabet
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    Babylon and sum of it - Numerology

    What is Babylon gematria of word Babylon in Babylon language? [numerology is not astrological so have moved this discussion to chat - Moderator]
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    dinosaurs and astrology planet

    what astrology planet rules dinosaurs
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    Gabriel and mars

    Is archangel Gabriel mars?