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  • Dear Sethi,

    Both of us are facing serious issue.
    Can u please refer to my last email & message and help me.

    Waiting for your response.

    Thanks regards

    It means just that. Your sun is weak. Why would your career be related to partnership? This is shown in your chart as per my interpretation.
    Hello you said the position of my sun is very weak

    What exactly did you mean by that? And why would my career be related to partnership? You also stated that my career would be that I will have to give a lot of time and input but will not be equal output.

    I couldn't send you a email because it says your box is full.

    Hi, when you get some spare time kindly see this thread.


    Sounds fair. :smile: I am looking forward to it—or maybe not! :lol: I'd pm you yours, but your mail box is full last I checked. Anyway, I shall talk to you laterz. See ya, Sethi.
    Okay I will check up on it.
    Just please remember that I am a very frank person and I don't mince words at all . What I see is what you get. But I will send to you a private email okay
    Sounds good! Whenever you get a moment. :smile: Maybe we can trade. :biggrin: I looked at your chart a little bit, too. If you want to tell me what you specifically see, what stands out for you, that sounds great, or if you want to talk about my relationship potential, that would be good, too. See ya, Sethi
    right now I am quite busy. I may be able to send to you a reply on monday. Anyways is there anything specific you would also like me to comment upon or should I just tell you what my calculations tell be specifically about your chart?
    Ahoy there! You have me curious now . . . what was it you saw in my chart? I forgot I had that solar fire one on there still. Anyway . . . I thought I'd ask. :smile:
    You can use the private email facility already available in this forum for sending mail privately to any person.
    Hi thank you for your post on my topic earlier today,

    If I could, can I please ask you to go into abit more detail about what you wrote in the post?

    I would greatly appreciate it,

    Thank you for your time..
    Pls send to me your chart. go to and make your chart over there and then attach the same to your post to me or you can also post to the section "read my chart"
    Hi if you have time can you read my chart? i uploaded my horoscope chart along with 9 planets individual charts and i specified some questions on my post . if you are busy no problem :) Thank you
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