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    Ascendant Sign Descriptions

    Oh don't worry honey I do the same thing :lol::love: (I'm sure I'd find you pretty in real life too though :joyful:)
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    Ascendant Sign Descriptions

    Libra... Or possibly gemini. I'm thinking libra though! Pretty girl.
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    Seeing "Vortexes"?

    My dear God what an insufferable pile of mental masturbation generated by One.
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    Emotional vacillations, hello? Moon opp uranus for the instability and moon opp jupiter to expand that.
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    Why I dont feel like Virgo moon?

    Exactly what I was thinking. Moon-jupiter changes the dynamic considerably regardless of the sign it's in.
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    Sun/Rising combo nicknames

    Oooh I like this game! I get to be a SEAHORSE :surprised::tongue: (pisces sun, sag rising). And John (Leo sun/Cap rising) becomes a Chimera (which is technically a combination of lion, goat and snake):
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    plutonian relationships-what do you think?

    Alright Mab I am not a synastry expert by any means but feel free to pm me your respective details and I'll take a look at it tomorrow when I get home and see if I have anything to offer - and I'll *kindly ask* (:kissing::kissing::kissing: if they're reading this) a couple of my friends to help...
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    plutonian relationships-what do you think?

    I'm sorry Queen Mab :sad: This really does sound like a tough situation for you. I don't really understand his actions, to be honest. Has he explained things to you at all? Have you asked him to? I don't know, it seems a bit unreasonable of him to just "disconnect" like that and leave you...
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    plutonian relationships-what do you think?

    What do I think? I think plutonian relationships are batshite insane and like a toxic drug you just can't shake, at least until the participants turn pluto-eagle and evolve beyond the mud-wrestling stage. In my relationship venus/pluto is going both ways, a tight sesquiquadrate from his pluto...
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    Venus & The Things That You Like

    Yeah you nailed it with the drinking/drug issues - huge part of my past. I have strong addictive propensities, so I need to stay well away these days. I'm not a person who can simply "dabble" every now and then. I think I am both very romantic and quite sexual, but my sexuality tends to be...
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    Venus & The Things That You Like

    Venus conjunct mars in pisces in the 5th - L'amour est ma raison d'être. Totally the engine of my chart, the vast majority of my energy is spent to this end (obsessing over partner, getting caught up in romantic day dreams, doing everything with him in mind, etc)... Ew God I must be...
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    Moon-Jupiter aspects and softness

    I have moon in gemini opp jupiter in sag (does this mean my jupi is getting some debility by way of reception?) Jupiter is strongest in my chart, conjunct my sag ascendant/uranus and neptune in 1st. In terms of perceiving the "bright side", I tend to oscillate, which seems fitting for the...
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    I can't seem to get along well with people?

    You have this insight about yourself, which is great - have you tried applying it? I mean it's not like it's impossible for you "not" to control others. Your comprehension of the destruction this tendency can wrought is half the work done by you already. There are plenty of people out there with...
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    Do I look like my ascendent? (scorpio)

    I think your ascendant-opp-moon is coming into play here. You look very venusian to me, but of the taurean variety. I wouldn't think libra rising because you don't look that airy imo; I would think taurus if I saw you and didn't know :sideways:
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    Give me some insight.

    He is referring to one of your chart aspects – venus in taurus in opposition to your moon in scorpio. If you can familiarize yourself with the zodiac wheel, you will see that these two signs are on the same axis – they are polarities (polar opposites). The word for the aspect is fitting, because...