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    Some questions about retrograte planets in chart

    Eminem has Mars in 10th conj. (wide) Pluto. His early aggresivity could be related to his Chiron in Aries in 4th opp his Mars, and with his Mercury in Scorpio in 11th. 3rd house reg. (Uranus) in 10th. Uranus opp his Chiron, too.
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    Ascendant Taurus, effect on way of talking?

    Eminem has Venus in Virgo. He has Moon in Aquarius in 3rd, 3rd house ruler in 10th, 8th house ruler in 3rd and Taurus in 6th (about this last: maybe a job related with his voice?). Also, I remember seeing some artistic asteroids very present in his chart. Examples: Polyhymnia trine Jupiter...
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    Pluto in the third house

    Eminem has Pluto in 10th (Sag AS), the birth time posted in Astro is correct. I've made a deep study of his house placements and rulers in L-G forum and it's accurate. I don't know if I can put link here or if I must copy-paste what I've written about his chart. He has Chiron in Aries in 4th...