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    Sleep Paralysis

    hm.. nobody passed on...I felt somehow that it was a "he"it was very thin as a skeleton...I wonder why I caught him,(usually before I had no courage to do anything,in fact I could not do anything,but this time I could) he was very,very scared,in panic, when I caught him...strangely :andy: just...
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    Astro Music,wings-to-altair,qprklu.html I recommend "Return to Altair Suite" in Album "Spirit Romance" David Lanz&Gary Stroutsos
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    How To Overcome A Bad Natal Chart

    This is completely true!!!Everyone has good and bad aspects in their charts,not only to look what is bad, you should find a balance...Don't blame the position of the planets for what happens in your life,think positively change the course of thinking,do what you love to do, fill your life with...
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    The Dark love of Scorpio

    My Dad has Scorpio Sun and more I realize how we have similarities... it is not accidental that we met...
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    Soul and spirit astrology

    Thanks, you gave me the idea to explore this!!!
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    The Dark love of Scorpio

    Super, and I hope you still are experiencing this!:wink:
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    The Dark love of Scorpio

    That do not exist...someone always calculate,unfortunately...
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    The Dark love of Scorpio

    You're a dreamer...
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    The Dark love of Scorpio

    Yes, indeed!!!:w00t:
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    The Dark love of Scorpio

    I agree!!!
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    Rising signs/eyebrows & eye shapes?

    My Rising sign is Libra,Pluto is on the Asc,Moon in Cancer...
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    Beginner Books on Astrology?

    You're welcome!!!:wink:
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    Beginner Books on Astrology?

    Books you can download from the net...
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    What house system should I be using?

    Whole Signs system is easier to use because you do not have to think that in some house are 2 or 3 signs, whether the planet in some house is in a different sign than to the cusp of the house and so on.But how to find the logic,this is very difficult,you have to find what suits you the most,and...