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  • No it is not possible to say for sure by looking at charts alone. transits maybe... but even then. The stars impel, not compel.
    If you feel that it is moment when you must ask, you ask. But keep on mind that VOC Moon have 2 meanings, so always check out if there is aspect between rulers because if ther is aspect between rulers, then VOC Moon means "yes, you do not have to worry".
    Hi, I just noticed your message on my page. If you want to talk about a shared interest let me know.
    Not that I wont read synastry but it is often confusing and contradictory.. Wont show whether you will actually get together necessarily, just the energies between you.
    Ah sounds stressful! Are you looking at your horary charts, or natal charts? With 28degree rising, it can show your stress, or show that you asked a few times at that time. It might be interesting to see the whole chart, and it might be wise to ask again at a different time. Late degrees rising can show that you asked in a very stressed state of mind.

    I'm teaching yoga every now and then, but having to get a full time job until the yoga clients pick up. Thinking of reloacting to a different part of the country too, in the countryside! London life isn't for me :D
    Hey Sanaqua, I'm sorry I've taken a long time to reply! Good luck with all your exams, I hope you do really well! :D
    I've been quite busy lately with setting up my teaching things, also with looking for a temporary job to keep the money coming in while things stabilise with the teaching. Hardly been able to spend much time on AW. Let me know how your exams go :)
    Hey Sanaqua,
    I thought I had replied to this!
    That's great news about the universities! Glad to hear that you had your choice, very good start.

    Could you send me a link to the chart, if you still wanted me to look over it.

    Things here have been very busy, settling down now. Moved house, and went away on a meditation course which was lovely. Now just deciding which direction to take next :)

    Hi Sanaqua
    The results are half good then for you? I imagine there are quite a few budget defecits everywhere now in educational system, I think its a tricky time, I hope you manage to get some help with that.
    Yes sure, show me the chart when you've done it. I'm looking further into the meaning of interceptions and what they mean in a horary chart but I'll take a look.
    Lol, yes I was horrified about the plane crash, as it coincided with a trip me and an ex had arranged. I just had a bad feeling about it. I do like to check the flight time with a chart, perhaps I'm an astrology geek, lol :D Yes, its always the way, there is usually a plane crash film just prior to a holiday abroad :D

    Hello Sanaqua,

    I don't have any 'friends' on here yet.. Interesting as I prefer to comment & withdraw usually.. although I do reply to people.. I do appreciate my Solitude.. I guess this is the beginning of my *prog Moon in Libra.. only 2 & a quater years to go..

    I also have a blog at which I just added another post.. Also doing a new thread here in the Spiritual Section titled *Star Trek, Voyager S5, Ep19 'The Fight'...

    Have been studying astrology since 2000.. I think I have all the books now.. I also signed up to Kim Maries EA Phone Classes etc.. but haven't been listening to the classes lately..

    I noticed an earlier mention of Vipassana meditaion course which I have done & recommend to anyone..

    Ok then.. what about you..
    Hi Sanaqua

    How did the interview go? Sounds good so far, fingers crossed for you! :) Hmm not sure what that solar eclipse might trigger. A 7th house Mars sounds like a bit of action activated to do with 'other people', as 7th house rules others, relationships, partnerships, things like that...

    The meditation course is called Vipassana, meditating for 8 or 10 hours a day. It goes far beyond the 1/2 hour per day that I currently do, when I can.

    Good luck with the interviews, let's know how it goes!
    Hi Sanaqua
    Thats great! Very good news! :D
    Good luck with that, I'm sure you will pass, those Nodes are travelling your 9th/3rd house axis?
    My end, I'm looking forward to a meditation course that I signed up for starting mid September, seems like ages away, just working in a temp job in the meantime.. :p
    Do you mean Friday or Saturday? and I don't remember the time - remember it was mid-late afternoon here.
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