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    Would love your help, please...

    Sorry Grace you r not taurus but Aries. Your star falls under Aries as per Vedic Astrology. Yes it indicates. .....
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    Would love your help, please...

    Hi Grace Situations might have become worse from Nov 2014. At present Aries zodiacs are facing 'Ashtama Shani'. Situation continues to be so till July 2016. Best period for marriage 2018-21. but still u can try for marriage 2016 july - 2017 june. Yes u have children who r beautiful and are...
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    Health and Finance

    Hi Srinivas1982, Lagna lord Moon is placed in 8th, house of stress. So probably your mental stress may got severed from 2013 i.e Moon antardasha in Mercury mahadasha. Your stress continues till October 2015 i.e in Mars mahadasha as well. As mentioned by Deepak goyal and selfless Good time starts...
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    Do i have Neech Bhanga raja yoga?

    Hi there, I dont think there is neechabhanga raja yoga in your chart for rahu and mars. regards, Sakti
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    Fed Up -Will i always be Jobless ?

    hi debyan, Govt. sector doesn't suits u..... U won't be that happy if u pursue higher education. better try for any job in your near vicinity.... regards, Sakti
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    Education Abroad

    hi npl, studies abroad is not much fortunate for u...... Sorry! regards, Sakti
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    Foreign spouse/meeting spouse in foreign lands?

    hi steakpie, Yes it is possible during April 2020 - December 2022. good luck! Sakti
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    What are my ideal careers or jobs to get into based on my chart?

    hi brownbeeca, career that suits you the most is business. you are more of independent thoughts and u don't like to be controlled by others. Even though u r in job, u will change your jobs quiet often. regards, Sakti
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    Help Plz - can you shed some light ?

    Hie isuru, July 2015 to june 2015 - gonna be best period in your life based upon your chart as well as your present planetary transit(gochara). All the very best! regards, Sakti
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    Need insights to balance out my crashed inner self..

    can u plz confirm time of birth. Sakti
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    Rahu mahadasha, mangal antardasha- effects?

    yes... u have kalasarpa dosha. u have chances of dual marriage. Mars in Rahus give you hope for a new life............ catch up every opportunity in this period. u will get support from your siblings. sparse chances to win support from government. all the best regards Sakti
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    Is my marriage denied?

    hi plz check ur private messages. All the best! cheers Sakti
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    Need insights to balance out my crashed inner self..

    your birth details please.........(date time and place of birth)?? If u r interested, I can give u insights based on vedic astrology. regards Sakti
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    Is my marriage denied?

    Hello smeena, Please confirm your date, time and place of birth. regards, Sakti
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    Indication of violence in chart?

    Yup! will look into it.