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    hello :)

    Thanks for all the great info!
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    hello :)

    Hii, I'm relatively new to astrology but have done a decent amount of research on traditional astrology with planet, signs, and houses. Mainly for a project I'm working on. I wanted to know what all of your thoughts are on synastry/ compatibility astrology and if it plays, or should play, a big...
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    Meditation during difficult transits

    Is there any place to do this? I only journal alone but can see the value of doing it with others experiencing similar things. High performers like Tom Brady practice mindfulness? That's all the proof I need!
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    Platonic, or just takes time to develop?

    I think the squares moons makes the emotional space needed to be vulnerable slightly more difficult and a libra's involvement naturally brings a bit of indecisiveness. The connection seems to be there, but I recommend waiting until there's a positive moon or mercury relation with 4th house...
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    Astrology Dating Apps?

    Hi guys, I'm new :alien: and wanted to introduce myself to the community :) I'm working on an astrology dating app and thought this would be a great place to get some guidance from pros. I'd love to learn more about anyone who's interested in and hopefully build something great together :smile: