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  • There is a moderation matter to discuss, privately, so you understand the action I took with one of your posts. Please enable your private messaging and pm me. You can turn it back off when the conversation is done, and I'll tell you when it is on my end.
    Hi Rishi ji,
    I have been reading your posts and wanted your prediction on my 1 query. Will I settle permanently in the US and will I be able to accumulate wealth?
    My details:
    Time: 09:17 am
    Place: Mumbai
    Sex: Male
    I came the US on 02/17/2013.
    Also pls suggest remedies as you deem fit.
    Dear sir,
    Thank you for your previous accurate prediction. Was hoping you could respond to my query on Jupiter MD. thank you so much.
    Please understand that the free predictions made in forums are mainly of the past, in order to establish the genuinity of Vedic and other astrology; and that the predictions made are only approximate calculations, and just a tip of the iceberg.

    Warm Regards,

    Dear RishiRahul

    I have gone thru some of your posts and just today read about a gentleman who was inquiring about his US visa. quite impressed that you gave more or less an accurate time. I desperately need help in predicting 2 things. when can I buy my own house or flat and when will I get a job. If you read my posts under balajit27 you will know what hell I have been thru. I have given my birth details as well as my palm images on the forum. Any insight on my chart or palm to predict these two issues will be highly appreciated. I just want to lead a decent life with dignity and self respect. I beg of you to please respond on my query. Thanns and regards
    Hey, did you forget about lil ol' me? hehe If you have time, maybe you could come back to my page and respond ...I answered your question regarding first quarter of the year. Thanks so much
    HI Rishi, I wanted to know if you would come back to my page and reply to my updated info. I haven't been able to get a predication at all when it comes to career, and I would sincerely really appreciate it, thank you so much!
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