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  • Thumbs up for you Ray, who enlightened that Gaga thread and showed me the path to her true Rising Sign. Those bit**es are still debating on a Gemini Rising and s**t, it's pointless to say anything.
    I posted a question in horary today..should I go to k party. I am also querent with saturn ruling 7th house so I need help with analysis/delineation. Please take a look when you have time. was not able to download chart but i did a pretty good analysis (i think) of it but with saturn you never know. Hope all is well with you and wishing you grand trines! Have a great day!
    Ray thanks for all the advice you gave me, really sparked my mood really high. It sorta' gave me confidence in my writing, since I write short stories, poems, free writings, etc. Just to enhance my writing skill.
    Anyways, thanks.
    HI RAY! Ugh...I'm going to keep you posted on the **** job chart...that's still up in the air.

    Would you mind looking at my business venture chart in horary? No biggie, just interested in your opinoin.

    Take care, hope you are well!
    Hey! Same to you.......I wonder how the number four year will manifest. It is supposed to be getting real, putting down roots, being more stable and even a bit routine bound....
    because on the one that posts with your threads, you have this smile....its memorable. Soooo bright, like your personality is SHINING through it. Then your profile pic is sooooo serious, and almost a lil "femme fatale'," lol. I like it though. Many facets is a good thing!
    Also I am curious on why you picked the first house as ruler would not the 4th house be more relevant since I when I asked lived in Stockholm?
    Hi, I figured it out. It was just an email with him wanting to stroke his ego. MEN!
    Dear Ray, I send you a PM, I posted a chart on horary board, if you could be so kind (for one more time)...
    Thank you in advance
    Hi Ray, if you get a chance could you have a look at a chart I posted? "Buried" I'm not skilled enough to read it. Just a quick look. Thanks
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